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[Flash Sale] The 350 hour Encyclopedia of Chess Openings – Dominate by move 10!

Want better results and a superstar rating? The best thing you can do for your chess right now is work on your openings.

Imagine having a dominant position by move 10-15 in every game. Imagine how much easier it would be to dictate play and destroy your opponent.

Now it’s time to make this a reality with the Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, a monster 350 hours of chess opening instruction!

This is the opening resource, featuring all 8 of my Deep Dive series and all 103 Empire Chess courses!

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Knowing the opening better than your opponent increases your chance of winning by nearly 30%. Make sure the odds are on your side.

Here’s how the Video Encyclopedia of Openings will help you:

  • Build your repertoire. Pick out the openings you want to learn from the 111 courses in the Encyclopedia and start making this phase of the game one of your strengths. All of the opening courses cover the main ideas for both sides plus model games so you can see how they play out in practice.
  • Prepare for your enemies. So that smug rival managed to catch you out in their favorite opening? Make sure you have a nasty shock waiting for them next time… and every time after that! Moves like Li Chao’s 18…h5!! idea that looks like a blunder, but hands Black an unstoppable attack!
  • Incremental improvement. Any time you’re not sure what’s going on in an opening position, pick out the relevant course and invest the 5-10 minutes it takes to learn more about the position. This way, you’ll constantly be building up your knowledge and understanding.

You’re getting all 8 of my Deep Dive courses (including the London System, King’s Indian Defense and Accelerated Dragon), giving you the detail required to give you the edge in competitive play at even the very highest levels.

And all 103 Empire Chess courses, including Sam Shankland’s Stomp the Sicilian, GM Perelstheyn’s Crush the Caro-Kann, How GMs Beat the King’s Gambit plus a ton of fantastic courses on other openings, attacking play, strategy… you name it!

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Everything you need to get an early advantage in all your games.


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[NEW] The Polgar Collection – 55 hours of coaching from Judit and Susan!

Today marks a new beginning in your chess career.

Get ready to progress like a prodigy and dominate with your chess genius – using the same system that has made the Polgar sisters living legends!

While their achievements are too many to list, it’s enough to mention that Susan Polgar was the first woman ever to achieve the full GM title and became Women’s World Champion before leaving women-only events.

Judit Polgar broke Bobby Fischer’s record for the youngest ever GM (something that even Kasparov couldn’t do) and is still the only female chess player in history to break 2700, hitting 2735 and 8th in the world.

Now you can learn Judit and Susan’s training secrets, their advice for ambitious players and deep insights into the secrets of chess with The Polgar Collection – 55 hours of world-class coaching.

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So, what are you getting?

  • Winning Chess the Easy Way – Susan Polgar’s 25 hour program teaches the fundamentals of the game, making sure players reach the 1700 Elo level as quickly as possible by building good habits. Susan explains openings, endgames plus how to calculate and find the winning plan – all the skills required for success.
  • The Susan Polgar Method – Next you get Susan’s 15 hour Master Method, covering the next step of your journey towards 2000 Elo. In this 10 module course, Susan analyzes some of the most instructive games ever played, revealing advanced concepts of positional play. Plus, you get a complete repertoire with both colors and learn the most useful endgame strategies.
  • The Judit Polgar Method – Judit Polgar’s stunning 15 hour Master Method is a high-level training program based around her first love, the Sicilian Defense. While all the games are Sicilians, this is a course on chess, not opening theory. Judit brilliantly explains 56 games, revealing how to play multi-sac attacks like this one: Bb5!! Master weak color-complexes, killer pawn breaks and learn the secrets of deadly attacks from one of the most aggressive players of recent times!

Want to make giant strides in your chess with the training methods and chess secrets that propelled the Polgars to greatness?

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The Master Methods come with the full pgn files, course summaries and practical tests plus an in-person interview with Judit (on video) and footage of her televised blitz match against GM Ron Henley!


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POLGAR CHESS UNIVERSITY All Three Chess Bundles [83% OFF]

If you want to see a rapid improvement in your game, please take 5 minutes to read on and learn about this acclaimed series: Polgar Chess University and a special offer never seen before…
PCU program contains over 300 lessons and more than 135 hours of chess coaching, designed to take students from 1000 to 2000+ rating points. ​​​​​​​
Polgar Chess University - Start Now
The course is split up into 3 ability levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – helping you build up your knowledge piece by piece, adding up to 200 points to your rating each time.
Each level is further broken each down into 3 sections:
  • “Tactics and Endgames”,
  • “Attack, Defense and Instructive Games” and
  • “Positional Play and Strategy”
No matter where you live, you have an opportunity to learn chess from one of the best instructors in the world. GM Susan Polgar, a former Women’s World Chess Champion, created this complete course with the dream of bringing expert advice and training to chess enthusiasts around the world at a very affordable cost.
You get an insane 83% off the original price. If you feel that’s not enough, we’re even throwing in a Free Bonus $40 value [for first 25 buyers only].
What are you waiting for?
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7 Rules to Follow When Playing Middlegame

Studying middlegames and understanding the most important positional motifs is one of the keys to improvement for every club player.
While many young players put a great accent on the opening preparation nowadays, the difference between an experienced chess player and an aficionado is most of the times felt during the middlegame and endgame.
It is usually more difficult to get away with a positional mistake when facing stronger opposition and, in order to avoid this, we advise you to take into account a few things during your game.
7 rules to follow when playing middlegame
1. Pay attention to changes in the pawn structure
One important rule in the positional play is that plans are usually chosen in accordance to the pawn structure. However, the structure doesn’t normally stay the same throughout an entire game.
Exchanges happen and, with them, changes in the pawn structure. Always pay attention to this and be aware that plans should usually change accordingly as well.
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1) Your free mini-course on Attack and Defense 2) If you want it you can get the Foxy Mega Bundle at 85% off

Attack and Defense are no doubt some of the most important skills for any chess player. The combination of these two skills primarily decides whether you are 1200 or 2200 rated.
Our goal is to help you grow as a player. We are giving away a very instructive course Attack, Defense, Space and Time Easily Explained by IM Andrew Martin that you can download and dive in right now:
attack and defense mini-course download
You are going to discover…
  • The 3 Grandmasters’ indicators showing when to attack and when to hold back?
  • What is number 1 rule to consider when it comes to “good timing” for an attack?
  • How to create a quick counter-play to keep your opponent off balance?
  • What’s GM “framework” and how it will help you to deepen your chess understanding?
Get your free course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]
P.S. This two-hour course is only 1/182th part of the Foxy Mega Bundle – the most comprehensive opening preparation package available!
And until Sunday, you can get the whole thing 85% off – that’s the best deal EVER on this package! Plus you get the bonuses too.
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[FREE 1 hour video] ⚡ IM Atalik’s Quick Win Formula!

“As long as my opponent has not yet castled, on each move I seek a pretext for an offensive.” Mikhail Tal.


Get ready for a masterclass in quick wins from former European Women’s Champion IM Ekaterina Atalik!


In this stunning 1 hour lesson – taken from her brand new Master Method – IM Atalik gives you practical steps for punishing your opponent’s sloppy opening play.


And we’re not talking about basic attacks that only work against 1200 players – you’re going to witness GMs getting ripped apart for wasting just one tempo!


Ekaterina does a fantastic job of breaking these attacks down into repeatable, practical steps you can use to torment your rivals.


Click here to download Atalik’s Early Attacks!



Win more miniatures by:

  • Assessing your attack’s success:Ekaterina makes this easy. If you have made 4 minor piece moves and 2 other, specific, moves and your opponent hasn’t, it’s time to send them home!
  • Striking while the iron is hot. Here, the GM playing Black spent one move taking a troublesome pawn on a5. Incredibly, it’s game over! See the stunning 10 move, 6 sacrifice combination that stunned onlookers in the Russian Cup final!
  • Using the Ivanchuk method. Like Tal, Ivanchuk will do anything to keep that king in the center. Ekaterina analyzes a stunning sacrificial win that reveals the 2 things you need before sac’ing a piece (clue: open lines).

Fantastic games, brilliantly explained.


Click here to download Atalik’s Early Attacks!





P.S. Love this giveaway? Get Ekaterina’s new 15 hour Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players, the course that massively boosts your opening, middle and endgame play by teaching you how the world’s best handled each phase. Click here to get your copy for half-price.

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