[NEW] Tactics Fundamentals only for $7

If you were losing games because of tactical oversights this is your instant cure.  If tactics isn’t your strength… this course will change that.

International Master Valeri Lilov believes that tactics is something that separates winners from losers. IM Lilov cracked the code for becoming a better tactician and revealing ALL his secrets…

Click here to get Tactics Fundamentals 70% off [just $7 – the best deal ever + PGNs and Practicum included]

Learn more about Tactics Fundamentals
Here are just some of the things you will learn from this course:

  • Just look at a position and instantly identify important tactics
  • See 2x or even 3x tactics your regular opponent sees
  • Save even hopeless positions by “tactical miracles”
  • Execute a brilliant tactical combination winning the game
  • Understand the most important mating patterns that only Grandmasters use

We have this special 70% off available only for the next 72 hours.

Make sure to use this amazing opportunity and start improving your tactics!

Get your copy of Tactics Fundamentals with IM Valeri Lilov [for just $7!]

More Power,

PS This is a very important course for every chess player. And we only make it open for the first 200 players!

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** [FREE Mini-Course] Attacking the King in the Center **

What’s the single most important skill 95% responsible for winning games, getting trophies, and accumulating rating points?
You’ve got it… it is the Checkmating Attacks.
If you’re able to hunt down the enemy king, in any position, this is the only skill you’ll ever need.
GM Bryan Smith will help you become a professional ‘king assassin’ with his brand new Attacking the King Mastermind which is available starting Thursday, May 16!
Want to start winning TODAY? We’ve got something to get you started:
Get a free mini-course on Attacking the King in the Center [Over one-hour of GM Smith’ training and full-game analysis]
You are going to discover…
  • The 3 super-important attacking patterns that EVERY chess player must know
  • A proven Grandmaster’s strategy to generate a quick, yet powerful attack in the center [you can use THIS in your won games]
  • How to get a psychological boost in the attack against your opponent [just watch what GM Ding Liren did here…]
  • Creating brilliancies vs. reactive play – what to keep in mind?
  • And much more!
Don’t delay, get started right NOW:

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]

P.S. Don’t miss the launch of the course. Set your alarm at 9 am EST, on Thursday, May 16

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[85% OFF] Art of Defensive Play

If you take a closer look at Grandmasters’ games, you will discover that… they SCORE A LOT from inferior positions!
If you actually want to save and convert some of your losing positions into the wins, then you need a PROVEN process in place to tell you exactly what and how to play:
IM Ostrovskiy revels his signature approach for saving the positions you previously thought were “dead lost”. You will get his exact master plan with the step-by-step guidance allowing you to save many of your inferior positions and CONVERT some into the wins.
You are about to discover:
  • Number one mistake most players make when it comes to defense – and how you can avoid it [that’s why most “lost” positions are lost]
  • One change you can make in your defense to instantly SAVE many of your lost positions [Hint: it has nothing to do with your tactics, planning or overall chess strength]
  • How to deploy a successful defense when you have a single weakness in your position? [very powerful, yet rarely used on club level]
  • How to craft a superb counter-attack that will take care of your positional issues? [Kasparov’s approach]
  • How professional players find game-saving sequences even in very bad positions? [and you can too, with this]
Click here to get the Art of Defensive Play 85% off [that’s €6.23 – a cup of coffee price!]
P.S. Stop spinning your wheels. Just imagine what saving 2X more positions and converting 2X more “lost” games could do for your chess?
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Your Mini-Course on Rare Lines Sicilian

It is no secret that Sicilian gives Black the best fighting chances against the most popular 1.e4.
Previously, the Sicilian based repertoires were reserved primarily for pro-level players. It was simply too much theory and it was too involved and time-consuming for all other players.
Thanks to GM Marian Petrov the times have changed! Now you can build your own pro-grade Sicilian based repertoire in a matter of DAYs!
In this new course, Sicilian Defense – Complete Repertoire, you will learn everything you need to fight off any White’s response! We are launching this brand new course on Thursday, May 2nd, but you can get started right now:
You are going to discover…
  • The secret of countering the Smith-Morra Gambit – staying one move ahead
  • The best setups for Black you should always aim for
  • What to look out for in the Closed Sicilian – avoiding the “improved French”
  • How to neutralize the off-beat lines by using THIS ONE simple plan
  • A powerful antidote for taking “poisonous” pawns and gaining an edge
  • Punishing White for premature attacks and opening pawn sacrifices
Don’t delay, get started right NOW:

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]

P.S. Don’t miss the launch of the course. Set your alarm at 8 am EST, on Thursday, May 2 for the full course.
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Just 11$ for over 7 hours of GM training!

If you want to improve at chess and have a limited number of hours, putting more time into TACTICS will get you the greatest return!
Trust me, you will get surprised how easy things become, once you’re proficient at tactics. It becomes much easier coming up with a good plan, calculating endgames, launching a winning attack and so on.
And most importantly… your RESULTS become better.
Get Tactical Mastery with GM Kuljasevic 93% off [Just €9.73 – for over 7 hours of GM training – best deal EVER!]
Tired of doing things that don’t work?
This course has a very different perspective on improving your tactics…
Instead of taking the usual route of solving 1000s of problems, you’ll learn how to radically simplify this approach with GM Kuljasevic novel method!
GM Kuljasevic provides you with the full arsenal of all the necessary tools, theory and practical exercises for tactical mastery.
Here is what you’ll learn:
  • A grandmaster technique for spotting tactical opportunities based on specific “triggers”
  • A special method for improving your board vision and visualization [very important skills to help you with tactical execution]
  • Structured way for precise calculation used by many GMs, based on the “Ply Theory”
  • A powerful tool for identifying tactics – a so-called “Four Questions Model”
  • How to use geometrical motifs and contact points to find combinations on auto-pilot
  • Training method that will allow you to start solving tactics on automatically, on a subconscious level
It’s about to get SO MUCH EASIER to sport tactical patterns and calculate variations…
I can’t wait for you to see the strategies we’ve developed inside of this new program.
Get started with Tactical Mastery 93% off [Just 11 bucks for over 7 hours of GM training!]
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Your free course on Attacking in Closed Positions

Everyone knows about the importance of the center. At the same time, very few club players study or understand the center.
By simply learning how to use something your competition doesn’t take advantage of you will DOMINATE many of your games – without much effort!
IM Kolosowski covers the practical aspect of the topic rarely covered elsewhere… how masters win in the middlegame by controlling what happens in the center.
Before you get exclusive access to Mastering the Center on Thursday, April 11, I want you to get started right now, with our 40-minutes mini-course:
You are going to discover…
  • How to turn your opponent’s position into “hopeless” without putting too much effort!
  • Must-know patterns for winning closed positions – you can do THIS to dominate your next game!
  • Launching a powerful attack in closed position – plans, strategies, and ideas clearly explained
  • Preventing your opponent’s active play – an easy to follow the formula
  • A special type of the King’s Side attack which is impossible for your opponent to stop
  • And much more!
There is a lot of information, and I’m sure you will discover TONs of new, important stuff.

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]

P.S. Don’t miss the launch day – we have something very special for you!
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Secret Chess Sale in LIVE, you can get 65% off any TheChessWorld video course in stock

Here’re we go!
Our Secret Chess Sale is LIVE!
If you are receiving this email – congrats, you are on our most trusted circle and among the very first to access this event!
For the 3 days, you can get 65% off any TheChessWorld video course in stock:
Click here to get your courses [use the code CHESS65]
We throw a massive sale for chess players like you who do care about getting a headstart this season… For players who want to hold themselves accountable and see the RESULTS.
Don’t miss out on the best deal EVER offered on these high-performance chess courses.
Make a commitment and get the right tools.
Here is your best chance:
Click here to take your game to the next level [65% off with the code CHESS65]
It’s all in your hands now… let’s make this your best chess season yet!
P.S. Get any TheChessWorld video course 65% off with CHESS65 code!
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Download your free course on Trompowsky and London

Want to crash your opponents straight out of the opening?
Then you need a powerful attacking weapon, something trustworthy that even the best-of-the-best can rely on.
The King’s Indian is a weapon of choice for both Fischer and Kasparov.
We teamed up with GM Marian Petrov to create The King’s Indian Mastermind – making you tournament ready in 10-short hours even if you never played this before!
The course will be out on Thursday, March 28th, but starting today you can go ahead and download the full 1-hour mini-course covering Trompowsky and London, in case your opponent stays away from the main lines:
You’ll discover:
  • The must know move-order trick that many GMs use for avoiding unpleasant variations
  • Best setups for Black in Trompowsky, when White is staying off the main lines
  • Karpov’s genius strategy for taking the initiative in Tromposwky Attack [you can do that too]
  • Typical plans and strategies thoroughly analyzed and clearly explained [a full-blown GM analysis just for you]
  • A very powerful attacking idea for your next game in London System
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4 Tips for Converting Won Positions

They say that the most difficult positions to win are the won ones. And I believe many of you can relate to this saying. No matter how big the advantage, there are opponents who just won’t give up and will put up stubborn resistance.

Not only that, but our brain sometimes seems to be on their side as well – we make decisions that later cannot explain or understand ourselves.

It’s as if the thought of having a won position sometimes paralyzes our brain and we cannot continue to just simply play chess.

Or, we consider the position so winning that we expect our opponent to give up and resign any time now and we relax too soon. This is a huge mistake and is what opens the gates of unexpected chances for our opponent.

How should we react in these moments, then?

Get stressed about the advantage and see ghosts everywhere?

No – see the “brain freeze” above – but you should…

Click here for 4 tips for converting a winning position


P.S. Want to learn how to exchange all the way way into a winning position?

The new RCA course Learn to Exchange Like a Pro will tech you just that!

Click here to learn more [and get the course half-off]

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Fortresses – What do you need to know?

“I don’t believe in fortresses.” – Magnus Carlsen
I understand Carlsen’s famous quote, not at face value, but rather as an understanding of chess’s nearly infinite possibilities. Carlsen himself has shown in a lot of his games and how seemingly easily drawn games can be won by finding hidden resources in the position.
Still, fortresses do exist in chess.
Even Carlsen himself has stumbled upon one or two in his career. Perhaps the costliest one was in the fourth game of the match with Karjakin, when in a relatively easily won position he allowed Karjakin to build one. Later in the match, the missed chances of an early lead could have cost Carlsen dearly.
In this article, I would like to take a look at one specific fortress that is quite typical of the symmetrical structure it can arise from.
These symmetrical structures are very common and can happen from many openings – the Queen’s Gambit Accepted, the Queen’s Gambit Declined, the Catalan, the Nimzo-Indian and probably some others too, either directly or by transposition to the above openings.
P.S. Instead of learning 5-6 different openings, why not learn a single opening system that you can use against whatever your opponent plays?
In this 6-hour course, IM Valeri Lilov uses his innovative approach based on understanding a very specific “beat sequences” and key plans to minimize preparation time.
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