4 Tips for Converting Won Positions

They say that the most difficult positions to win are the won ones. And I believe many of you can relate to this saying. No matter how big the advantage, there are opponents who just won’t give up and will put up stubborn resistance.

Not only that, but our brain sometimes seems to be on their side as well – we make decisions that later cannot explain or understand ourselves.

It’s as if the thought of having a won position sometimes paralyzes our brain and we cannot continue to just simply play chess.

Or, we consider the position so winning that we expect our opponent to give up and resign any time now and we relax too soon. This is a huge mistake and is what opens the gates of unexpected chances for our opponent.

How should we react in these moments, then?

Get stressed about the advantage and see ghosts everywhere?

No – see the “brain freeze” above – but you should…

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Fortresses – What do you need to know?

“I don’t believe in fortresses.” – Magnus Carlsen
I understand Carlsen’s famous quote, not at face value, but rather as an understanding of chess’s nearly infinite possibilities. Carlsen himself has shown in a lot of his games and how seemingly easily drawn games can be won by finding hidden resources in the position.
Still, fortresses do exist in chess.
Even Carlsen himself has stumbled upon one or two in his career. Perhaps the costliest one was in the fourth game of the match with Karjakin, when in a relatively easily won position he allowed Karjakin to build one. Later in the match, the missed chances of an early lead could have cost Carlsen dearly.
In this article, I would like to take a look at one specific fortress that is quite typical of the symmetrical structure it can arise from.
These symmetrical structures are very common and can happen from many openings – the Queen’s Gambit Accepted, the Queen’s Gambit Declined, the Catalan, the Nimzo-Indian and probably some others too, either directly or by transposition to the above openings.
P.S. Instead of learning 5-6 different openings, why not learn a single opening system that you can use against whatever your opponent plays?
In this 6-hour course, IM Valeri Lilov uses his innovative approach based on understanding a very specific “beat sequences” and key plans to minimize preparation time.
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Download your mini-course on King and Pawn Endgames

Do you want to know a BIG secret about chess improvement?
Here it is…
By simply working on the final stage of the game you will see huge rating gains in the shortest time possible.
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  • The advantage of doubled pawns in the endings – a key scheme to remember
  • Combining triangulation and opposition to win a tempo [GM technique]
  • “Blocking the king” concept for saving an otherwise lost endgame
  • Chessboard geometry – the principle of the “shortest” distance
  • The notion of space in the endgame – must-know ideas
  • How to use the “Trebuchet Setup” to win your endings

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Your free course on Calculation of Long Lines

Do you want to know the secret of rapid improvement at chess?
Work on your skill, not on accumulating knowledge.
Want to improve even faster? Work on essential skills.
The calculation is by far most important skill for any chess player. The ability to calculate positions is proportional to your overall chess strength.
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  • The must know advanced calculation techniques that every Chess Master knows
  • A powerful shortcut for calculating long lines and variations [GMs and IMs do this all the time]
  • How to take your tactics to the next level by enhancing and polishing your calculation technique
  • Using a process of elimination to dramatically reduce your in-game calculation load
  • How to boost the effectiveness of your calculation by knowing exactly what and how to calculate [most club players get this one wrong]
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[Flash Sale] Grandmaster’s Thinking

Wouldn’t it feel great to finally experience the success first hand and watch your opponents slowly but surely struggle to save the position… a game-after-game? A tournament after tournament?
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What does it really take to go from amateur to master level? IM Valeri Lilov knows. Not only has he made the journey himself, he has years of experience helping his students make the same progress.

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So, what makes this course different from the rest? Whereas most chess courses focus on general improvement or specific topics, From Amateur to Master gives you a step-by-step program for reaching 2200 and beyond.

To reach master level, you need to improve both your theoretical chess and your practical chess. That is, what you know and how you apply it.

That’s why in this course Valeri Lilov combines nearly 100 lessons with the training secrets that helped him go from amateur to IM in just a few years (see chart).

Training secrets that turn knowledge into results.

Here’s a small taste of what you’re getting:

  • Develop your instinct for initiative. Initiative is nearly everything in chess but it can slip through your fingers if you’re not careful. Valeri reveals how Garry Kasparov keeps the pressure on with multiple “impossible moves”!
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Pick your chess training – New Year Sale!

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