Defective Pawns Structures in the Middlegame

The pawn structure is probably one the elements that we need to pay more attention to during our games. It defines the character of the play, the direction of our attacks and the plans we have to make.

Pawn structures are the foundations that keep a position together. In this article, we are going to see a few middle game positions in which one side has a permanently ruined pawn configuration.

Needless to say that it is extremely difficult to defend in such situations.

Clcik here to learn about the Defective Pawns Structures in the Middlegame​​​​​​​

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Should I Take a Draw?

Should you take a draw or not… that is the decision every chess player faces literally on a daily basis. 
How do Grandmasters decide whether to accept the offer or not? Is it a pure calculation, experience or the combination of both?  
We have invited GM Sergey Kasparov to shine a light on this very important subject. He has compiled a list of 5 most important things to keep in mind when considering a draw.
Whether you are a 1200 or 2500 rated player we trust you will learn a lot from this 5- minutes read.  
Anyways, let’s jump straight it!
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Romain Edouard’s Quick Kills! (download link inside)

Here is your copy of Quick Kills! – click here to download it.


Here’s what’s in store for you: 

  • Game of the Century! GM Édouard reveals the secrets behind “the game that shook the world”, 13 year old Fischer’s incredible win against Donald Byrne!
  • Dynamic development. For the right 2 conditions, you can afford to give up a lot of material! See how Alekhine used this to devastate Euwe with 6.Nf3!!
  • Who says romance is dead? You can play like Morphy in the modern age – as Romain demonstrates with his brilliant dissection of a Shirov classic!

P.S. This is a tiny portion of Romain’s 109 game and 14 hour DNA of a Chess Champion – an incredible training course that teaches you how to become the clear and dominant #1. Get your copy for half-price here.

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[FREE] Crush 🔨 1.d4 with Damian Lemos’ new King’s Indian repertoire!

Want to add a great attacking weapon to your repertoire?

GM Damian Lemos is going to show you how to play one of the essential chess openings, the King’s Indian Defense, in an info-packed free lesson taken from his new  Deep Dive course!

Click here to download your free copy of Here’s looking at you, KID!



Whether you love crazy hack attacks or enjoy masterful maneuvering, the King’s Indian Defense gives you a ton of creative ways to take control, KO your opponent and make them quit 1.d4 forever!


In Here’s looking at you, KID, Damian explains how to get a great position no matter what your opponent plays.

You’re going to learn: 

  • How to win the central battle. e3 or e4, …c5 or …e5, d4-d5 or maintain the tension? Each possibility leads to a different type of game. Damian shows how to get the type of position you want and – crucially – explains what to do next!
  • The King’s Indian Gambit! The Smyslov variation with Nf3 and Bg5 is insanely popular right now – get ready to destroy White’s hopes and dreams with Damian’s shock gambit!
  • Tricky traps. Your rival is happy, thinking they’re going to disrupt your queenside. Then you play …Qd8! and their face drops! 

Follow in the footsteps of Fischer, Kasparov, Radjabov and Nakamura by making the King’s Indian your go-to weapon against 1.d4!

Click here to download your free copy of Here’s looking at you, KID!


P.S. Want to really master the King’s Indian? Get the full, 9 hour Deep Dive: King’s Indian Defense course for half-price by clicking here!

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Free lesson from course on Same-Colored Bishops

I have great news to share with you today!!
We’re putting the finishing touches on our newest video course Minor Piece Endgames Mastery 2 with IM Andrey Ostrovskiy.
Whatever your chess goals are, working on your endgames is one of the proven ways to become an overall better player.
And to help you achieve your goals faster… I’m giving you this free 38-minute mini-course on Same-Colored Bishops:
IM Ostrovskiy shares over a decade of his experience as a player and coach giving you all the necessary tools to get a serious edge over your competition in those positions.
Grab your free mini-course on Same-Colored Bishops [we’re only giving away 2,000 copies, so be quick]
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[FREE] Unlock the “GM Mind” and Play Better Chess Now!

There are no shortcuts in chess, but you can speed up your progress by copying the masters – and today’s free course will help you do just that!

In Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind  GM Maxim Dlugy describes his thoughts during competitive games: what he notices about the position; why he favors one move other another; how he balances pushing his plan forward with stopping his opponent’s.

By the end of the course, you’re able to mirror his thought process. And, when you think like a GM, you begin to play like one.


Click here to get Unlocking the GM Mind free! (Software requires Windows).



Here’s how this course will improve your results:

  • Psychological edge: learn how to read your opponent and play the moves they really don’t want to face. Scared and frustrated opponents collapse quickly!
  • Endgame maestro: GM Dlugy reveals the #1 move to consider in any endgame situation. Apply this time and again to improve your position (see the lesson “A Grandmaster’s Ability”).
  • Precision play: No more playing moves that look good but are actually errors. GM Dlugy’s explanations of his decisions will help you see deep into the position. Good players know all the rules. Masters know when to break them!
  • Comeback king: You’ll learn how to come back from inferior positions. No more collapsing when you go a pawn down. GM Dlugy gives practical plans to chip away at your opponent’s advantage, plus methods for managing your emotional state (fear and worry are major causes of defeat).

Click here to get Unlocking the GM Mind free!

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Training


Many club players feel that after a long time of studying chess they don’t see enough progress in their chess. [If you feel the same you need to do this]

This brings a feeling of depression and it sometimes leads to quitting the usual training plan or the idea of making progress in chess.

However, thinking that you are not good enough or that you are not going to make it and deciding to settle for club play only is not the answer. ​​​​​​​

Learn more

You should review your training schedule, look for any mistakes you are making or just keep training harder; the results will most certainly show.

In our previous article you can find advice on how to train and what to include in your daily chess routine; today we are going to point out some of the most common mistakes that may show up so you can correct them if that is the case.

Click here to learn 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Training

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