[FREE!] Get the wins you deserve by Converting like Capablanca!

We’ve all experienced it: as you get better at chess, you face tougher opposition. And, in these games, you need to win 2 battles:

  1. Get an advantage
  2. Convert that advantage

Tactics will help you with #1, but for #2 you need technique.

I believe tactics alone can – if you’re really good – get you to 2000 Elo but if you have dreams of going beyond that level, you need to be able to control and convert positions.

So how do you learn master level technique? Learn from the master! There is no better player to model your positional technique on than Jose Raul Capablanca.  He had a genius for finding simple looking, easy-to-understand moves that were deeply powerful.

The great Bobby Fischer openly admitted he learned the secrets of technique from the games of Capablanca – which is about as big a recommendation as you can get!


Now I’m going to teach you how to control and convert positions with a couple of Capablanca classics taken from my brand new, 9.5 hour Chess Strategy Masterclass:


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Some of the things we cover:

  • How to use Capablanca’s legendary “petite combinaisons – positional tactics and in-between moves that damage your opponent’s position and soften them up for the kill.
  • The art of making progress: you’re a pawn up but your rival has blocked the position. Now what? These positions are so easy to mess up – see how Capablanca won with this brilliant king maneuver!
  • The principle of two weaknesses… Capablanca was a master of winning games by attacking a weakness, making his opponent use all their resources to maintain it – then switching target!

Don’t let your opponents steal a draw (and precious rating points) from you.

Watch these lessons and learn how to Convert like Capablanca!

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5 Rules for Mastering Chess Calculation

every chess player wants to improve their calculation. Being a good calculator is perhaps one of the most important skills that will literally guarantee your success in the game. Computers are great a example.
However that’s where difficulties begin. Calculation is also perhaps one of the most difficult things to learn, it requires constant practice and good understanding of what to calculate, when and how. 
Surprisingly there aren’t many resources covering this topic. GM Kotov’s evergreen analysis on finding the candidates moves becoming outdated [and here is why].
That’s why I want to present you with FM Krykun’s modern approach to calculation, that any practical player should follow. 
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It’s not a December yet and we’re already offering our biggest chess sale of 2017! 
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BLACK FRIDAY LIMITED TIME SALE on every bundle only until Sunday the 26th of November 2017

Happy Black Friday week – it’s finally here! We are having a monster Black Friday sale and since you’re our VIP subscriber, I wanted you to be among the first to know about it and get in – while it’s on! 
Whether you want to improve your Opening, Middlegame Understanding, Positional Play, Tactical Mastery, Endgame Technique, Calculation, Strategy, Attacking Chess or learn how you can take your game to the next level… towards whose FM and IM norms… we’ve got you covered!
Now you can save up to 80% on our best-selling chess courses, packed with Grandmaster training tips, mind-blowing secrets, extreme shortcuts, winning methods, practical idea, step-by-step tutorials, “blueprints”, execution plans and even master-level opening repertoires! 
Here is what you get:
Get the inside scoop on the blockbuster chess training Bundle that many students went through gaining as much as 300 Elo in the process. This 70-hour Grandmaster training covers everything from Calculation, Planning, Middlegame, Endgame and Positional chess to Psychological Preparation,  Attacking Secrets and Opening Mastery. 
  • No fail Calculation Training that allows you “seeing” up to 10 moves ahead while your opponent is making a 2-move blunder  
  • Laser-targeted-tactic to precisely evaluate even the very complex positions
  • Endgame and Middlegame fail-proof algorithms helping you win many positions on an autopilot
  • Training shortcuts that will help you get 1-year progress in a couple of months! 
  • And much more!
This bundle includes everything a club player needs to take his game to the next level.
  • The structured approach to making the 15 most important middlegame positions your second nature [huge shortcut]
  • The pattern recognition system allowing playing 47-most-important-endgames on an autopilot
  • The “tactical triggers” and “Ply Theory” GM approach to tactical mastery [no need to solve truckloads of tactics]
  • Positional understanding secrets, and how to “feel” even complex positions
Arm yourself with two complete opening repertoires that prove useful even against the 2400 level players! Learn how some of the top U.S. players think, make decisions, plan and prepare for their games. Get started with the “Attacking System” giving you a complete blueprint for launching a successful attack [even against the titled players] .
Discover our tried-tested proven most effective training program ever:
  • You will learn What and How to study in order to see the results
  • You will get training hacks that will take your game to a whole new level
  • You will get all the resources needed to work on your game and monitor your progress
  • And much much more!
Learn opening, endgame and middlegame winning strategies in a neat and a very effective training course from NM Viktor Neustroev. The courses are broke down into 3-5 minutes “bite-able” pieces making learning a breeze. 5000+ happy students!
Want to become invincible in the first stage of the game? No more defeats because of unsound opening moves, no more bad middlegame position, and no more stress because of the lines you don’t know. It all ends with the Opening Bundle… Play only the lines you know and 100% understand, straight from renowned opening experts.  
Want to take you chess off the ground and become a club strength player in just 20 short hours? The 0 to club player is the course for you!
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[Free download for 3 days] Genius Decoded: The Magic of Mikhail Tal!!

We’re delighted to announce we’ve got Team USA coach GM Alex Lenderman back with a brand new Master Method that reveals the chess secrets of the world champions! Alex is a (grand)master at extracting secrets from chess games – it’s hard work, but he’s done it for you and is ready to teach you it all!

Get this free chapter where Alex decodes the magic of Mikhail Tal and see how Alex turns great games into chess improvement gold.

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Mikhail Tal was known as “the Magician from Riga” for his incredible ability to create attacks out of nowhere, finding astounding sacrifices to conjure up chaos for his shell-shocked opponents. But Alex reveals there’s a science behind the magic – golden rules you can learn today.

Some of the things to look forward to:

  • Mind-melting tactics: One of the secrets of Tal’s genius is he found ways to keep attacking when any “normal” GM would play it safe. With White threatening g4, most players would retreat with …Nf6 and ….Bd7 after g4. The attack would be over. Tal, challenging Botvinnik in a World Championship match – as Black – burned the house down with …Nf4!!

  • More than mate: GM Lenderman has unearthed a great secret from Tal’s play: how Tal guaranteed winning positions even when his opponent defended successfully. Anyone who survived a Tal onslaught would think the hard work was done. But then they notice their poor piece activity, weak pawns and slowly realize Tal had seen this all along!

  • Initiative is everything: Tal had the magical ability to keep his victims 1 move from safety at all times. Alex explains how you can copy Tal’s method for permanent pressure!

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GM Damian Lemos
Team iChess

P.S. Like all GMs, I always say “study the games of the World Champions” if you want to get better. Now you have one of the world’s greatest chess analysts and coaches, GM Alex Lenderman, revealing the secrets he discovered in Chess Secrets of the World Champions (Lenderman Method 2)!!

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10 Chess Principles You Need to Know

From a very early moment in our chess journey, we are being explained the importance of the chess principles and that we should always use them as a guideline during our games.

While chess has developed a lot in recent years and the use of engines has encouraged play based sometimes solely on calculation, the classics remain very much alive and we still need to use their past wisdom in order to call ourselves complete players.

Here are some of those basic principles that every player should know, grouped on the 3 phases of the game.​​​​​​​

Click here to learn the 10 Classic Chess Principles

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Your link to Chess Mastery

It’s not a secret that opening preparation makes up approximately 30-60% of success, depending on your current level.

Most club players make a serious mistake by studying openings “in a vacuum”, isolating it from other parts of the game. When theoretical knowledge ends they feel like a fish out of water not having any further plans or ideas.

The good news is… there is an easy fix!

You can skyrocket your winning chances by simply learning typical piece maneuvers, common setups and checkmating patterns.

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Here is what you’ll learn:
  • Key ideas for getting an advantage after the first 10-15 moves playing the game
  • Number 1 rule you should use to effectively exploit your opponent’s opening mistakes
  • Common tactical motifs to look out for to not get trapped in the opening [a must-know secret]
  • How to catch your opponent off guard with the “power moves” in certain tactical positions?
  • What are the most important checkmating patterns leading to powerful tactical strikes?
  • The full blueprint for successfully playing for or against the isolated pawn
  • Schematic thinking and how strong Grandmasters use it to leave their competition behind
And to make this even better I have included How to Make a Game Plan as a free bonus! This is only available for the fist 25 customers.
P.S. Why not watch a piece coordination tutorial taken straight from this course. 
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