[FREE 1 hour video] ⚡ IM Atalik’s Quick Win Formula!

“As long as my opponent has not yet castled, on each move I seek a pretext for an offensive.” Mikhail Tal.


Get ready for a masterclass in quick wins from former European Women’s Champion IM Ekaterina Atalik!


In this stunning 1 hour lesson – taken from her brand new Master Method – IM Atalik gives you practical steps for punishing your opponent’s sloppy opening play.


And we’re not talking about basic attacks that only work against 1200 players – you’re going to witness GMs getting ripped apart for wasting just one tempo!


Ekaterina does a fantastic job of breaking these attacks down into repeatable, practical steps you can use to torment your rivals.


Click here to download Atalik’s Early Attacks!



Win more miniatures by:

  • Assessing your attack’s success:Ekaterina makes this easy. If you have made 4 minor piece moves and 2 other, specific, moves and your opponent hasn’t, it’s time to send them home!
  • Striking while the iron is hot. Here, the GM playing Black spent one move taking a troublesome pawn on a5. Incredibly, it’s game over! See the stunning 10 move, 6 sacrifice combination that stunned onlookers in the Russian Cup final!
  • Using the Ivanchuk method. Like Tal, Ivanchuk will do anything to keep that king in the center. Ekaterina analyzes a stunning sacrificial win that reveals the 2 things you need before sac’ing a piece (clue: open lines).

Fantastic games, brilliantly explained.


Click here to download Atalik’s Early Attacks!





P.S. Love this giveaway? Get Ekaterina’s new 15 hour Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players, the course that massively boosts your opening, middle and endgame play by teaching you how the world’s best handled each phase. Click here to get your copy for half-price.

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[FREE] Mato Jelic’s NEW 🤴⚔️ “Kingslayer”!!

“Check… mate!”

Internet sensation Mato Jelic is back with a brand new, 17 hour course on the art of the king hunt… and you’re getting an awesome 90 minute slice for free!

Click here to download Mato’s Kingslayer!


In this course, Mato reveals a ton of inventive ways for crashing through the king’s barricades – early and uninvited!


You will learn how to:

  • Smash through the seemingly solid Caro-Kann 4…Nd7 setup with a stunning – and completely winning – sacrifice on move 8!
  • Take the sizzle out of the Fried Liver Attack with the Traxler Counter! This position looks bad for Black but Mato teaches you the incredible combination that wins on the spot!
  • The spectacular attack Alekhine kept secret for years before stunning his rival by sacrificing queen and knight for just 1 pawn! (Hint: you’ll have a new favorite 4th move against the French!)

Ready to inject power and purpose into your every move? Want to learn a ton of tactical patterns to help you finish games in style?

Get your copy of Mato Jelic’s Kingslayer! while it’s available for free.

Click here to download Mato’s Kingslayer!



P.S. Revolutionize your attacking ability with the complete, 17 hour course The King Hunt. Mato analyzes over 300 attacking brilliancies, beautifully organized by theme. Get your copy for under 50 bucks here.

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Your free course on Attack and Defense


Attack and Defense are no doubt some of the most important skills for any chess player. The combination of these two skills primarily decides whether you are 1200 or 2200 rated. 
Our goal is to help you grow as a player. We’re giving away a very instructive course Attack, Defense, Space and Time Easily Explained by IM Andrew Martin that you can download and dive in right now:
You are going to discover…
  • The 3 Grandmasters’ indicators showing when to attack and when to hold back?
  • What is number 1 rule to consider when it comes to “good timing” for an attack?
  • How to create a quick counter-play to keep your opponent off balance?
  • What’s GM “framework” and how it will help you to deepen your chess understanding?
Get your free course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]
P.S. This two-hour course is only 1/182th part of the Foxy Mega Bundle – the most comprehensive opening preparation package available!  
That’s the best deal EVER on this package! Plus you get the bonuses too. 
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Dynamic Chess – Your Free Course

There is never been a better time to put your chess future squarely in your own hands – and master the valuable skill that will forever change your game!

And to make that happen, we are launching a new course: the Secrets of Dynamic Chess with IM Lilov, giving you the complete skill set for sharp and dynamic play.

Before you get the exclusive access on Thursday, April 12 at 8 am, I want you to get started right now:

Get your free mini-course on Candidate Moves

Get your free course

You’ll discover…

  • What is the #1 question you need to ask yourself in any position?
  • How to find the most “optimal” move to play?
  • What are the 3 types of candidate moves you must consider?
  • What NOT to do when looking for the best candidate moves?

There is a lot of information, and I’m sure you will discover TONs of new, important stuff for yourself. 

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]

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Free Video on Chess Strategy

What GMs Know about Evaluation of Positions… That You Don’t

(The secret of quick assessment revealed…)


You are going to discover…

  • The nuts-and-bolts of Grandmaster’s assessment
  • The piece-by-piece evaluation method – how Grandmaster’s quickly evaluate a position?
  • How can the minor “cosmetic” differences in the pawn structure make or break the game?
  • How to use the “distant” open file and utilize the “invasion” squares?
 [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]
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[FREE] The secret of Morphy’s magic 🎩 revealed!

People always say, if you’re growing disillusioned with chess and need to reignite that spark, play over the games of Paul Morphy!

The American genius burst on to the scene in the 19th century, destroyed everyone by massive winning margins – often with beautiful miniatures… then quit.

150 years later, every World Champion has marveled at and praised his brilliance.

And, today, you get to learn the techniques behind Morphy’s mastery with an awesome 1 hour training from GM Axel Delorme!

Click here to download The Magic of Morphy!

“In a set match, Morphy would beat anybody alive today. I’ve played over hundreds of his games and am continually surprised and entertained by his ingenuity.” Bobby Fischer, 1963.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The Opera House secret. Burn your opening books and play like Paul! Morphy’s pieces glide across the board as he sacrifices 3 pieces before delivering mate on move 17. GM Delorme explains the one principle dictating Morphy’s every move in perhaps the most beautiful game in history!
  • Ingenious tactics. When you think like Morphy, not only do you get fantastically active positions, but tactical shots like 19…Ng3!! become obvious.
  • Open, attacking games. Bored of both sides developing on their half of the board until move 15? GM Delorme explains Morphy’s timeless techniques for opening up the position to your advantage.

Click here to download The Magic of Morphy!

Team iChess


P.S. This is just a tiny portion of GM Delorme’s incredible new 15 hour Modern Chess Fundamentals. Covering everything from calculation to pawn structure, sound opening play to winning endgames, it’s the ultimate course for players looking to hit 1800 Elo and beyond. To celebrate the launch, you can get 50% off your copy by clicking here.

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Your free course on Grandmaster’s Thinking

We are launching a new video course Grandmaster’s Thinking with GM Davorin Kuljasevic on Thursday 8 am EST. And you can be among the first to get a taste of it with a free 30-minute mini-course… right now! 
Proper thinking is the key to becoming a very strong chess player. The majority of club players don’t tweak the way they think and get surprised by the lack of progress. 
What you’ll learn:
  • The #1 thing that differentiates Grandmasters from the rest of the field [and how to train that]
  • 5 Reasons why GMs beat the lower-rated players?
  • Traits of Grandmaster’s thinking that set them apart from most non-GMs
  • How do Grandmasters make their decisions? [a very simple idea that will help you again and again]
There is a lot of information, and I’m sure you will discover TONs of new, important stuff for yourself. 
Download your free mini-course right now [Act quickly, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]
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