FREE 3 hour course: Methods of the Masters!

I’ve got a fantastic giveaway for you today: 3 hours of chess improvement insights from our most popular Master Method courses!

Each Master Method features a world class presenter giving you their personal system for making serious rating gains and understanding chess at a whole new level.

Now you get to step inside this inner circle with lessons from “GingerGM” Simon Williams, Anna Rudolf, Daniel Naroditsky and… Judit Polgar!!

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Some of the things you’ll learn: 

  • Anna Rudolf’s 3 step technique for playing pawn breaks that open the game in your favor. Time it right and your opponent’s position will collapse like a house of cards!
  • Why so many players fail to improve beyond a certain level. Prodigy GM Daniel Naroditsky says it’s not a question of talent. Learn the root cause of this problem… and how to fix it.
  • The hidden tricks behind the terrifying Nf5! sacrifice in the Sicilian Defense! One of the world’s best ever Sicilian players, Judit Polgar, reveals how to get crushing early wins!
  • How to win games as Black with the French Defense. Simon Williams gives an intensive training on the key ideas behind this flexible opening.

Click here to download Methods of the Masters!


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ROMAN’S LAB ENTIRE COLLECTION Vol. 1-117 with GM Roman Dzindzichashvili [90% OFF!!!]

Are you ready to get focused, set some goals and have perhaps the greatest coach in the world train you?

Due to his encyclopedic chess knowledge, 30 years of coaching experience and numerous grandmaster students, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili charges $100/hour for chess coaching. Undoubtedly worth it, but there’s something even better…

We’ve managed to get hold of GM Roman’s entire life’s work, an amazing 186 hours of elite chess training material! And guess what?

For the next 72 hours only, you can get it for a massive 90% off! Yes, you read that right:​​​​​​​

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Roman’s training courses cover the entire spectrum of modern chess theory – from openings to tactical play, strategic mastery, endgames and much more. You get every single lesson Roman used to coach pupils like Gata Kamsky to 2700 Elo!

The Roman’s Lab Collection consists of 117 individual courses with lessons like:

  • Positional Mastery: Learn Karpov’s powerful positional evaluation method which greatly simplifies your thinking process and makes finding accurate moves intuitive and effortless.
  • Tactical Genius: Get Roman’s checklist for finding hidden tactics. This checklist replaces lengthy calculation with a rules-based approach, helping you to dominate in tactical positions.
  • Dominate with Pawn Structures: Roman explains all the typical pawn structures including the best plans for both sides and where each piece ‘belongs’. You’ll know exactly what to do just from the pawn structure –no need to memorize the opening theory!
  • How to Use BlitzMost club players are actually weakening their chess by playing blitz online. Dzindzi shares his personal practice for using online blitz to test openings, train your tactical eye and stay sharp between tournaments. Many fantastic training secrets waiting in this one!

These courses alone are enough to significantly boost your rating – and there’s another 113 titles in the collection!

If you’re ready to learn from a top trainer (with a proven ability to create Grandmasters) and want your own copy of his vast library of training material, grab this maestro’s life’s work by clicking the link below.

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And if you’re one of first 25 lucky buyers, you also get the 2 free bonuses worth $148: “Garry Kasparov: My Story” and “Karpov on Fischer”, totaling extra 12 hours!


P.S. Giving the size of a discount we can only keep this open for couple days…

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[FREE] Naiditsch’s Najdorf: the 1.e4 killer!

If you want to see what type of player someone is, ask them what they think of the Sicilian Najdorf! You’ll either see their eyes light up and a broad smile creep across their face… or they’ll run away screaming (or at least pull a face).

The Najdorf, long known as the Rolls-Royce of chess openings, is a double-edged sword. Wield it correctly and you can slice your opponent into ribbons. Mishandle it and you’ll be performing an unintentional Hara-kiri.

Now get ready to master the ultimate opening weapon with this free lesson from Super GM Arkadij Naiditsch:

Click here to get Naiditsch’s Najdorf free!


In this mini-course, GM Naiditsch analyzes 2 great games involving perhaps the greatest Najdorf expert currently playing: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (MVL).


  • Hidden resources: Part of the appeal of the Najdorf is Black’s ability to create whirlwind attacks seemingly out of nowhere. In this diagram, MVL faces the super-solid Anish Giri. Black’s king is wide open, his pawn structure is ruined and yet… he won in just 8 spectacular moves!
  • World Champion attacks: Next up, GM Naiditsch shows how to play against the Najdorf with an attacking classic from Anand. Despite castling kingside, Anand still launches a kingside pawn storm against MVL, sac’ing 2 minor pieces and walking a tactical tightrope to simultaneously avoid and deliver mate!

Whether you want to play the Najdorf as Black, need some new ideas as White or just love watching fantastic games beautifully explained, this free mini-course has something for you!

Click here to get Naiditsch’s Najdorf free!

P.S. This free 1 hour lesson is just a small part of the brilliant new training for tournament players, Naiditsch’s Dojo – Tournament Training for the Attacking Player (Naiditsch Method 2). Get your copy of this 15 hour course for half-price here!

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Free mini-course: Your Secret Weapon

I’m super-excited to tell you that we are launching a new course The Blumenfeld Gambit – Your Secret Weapon with IM William Paschall.
This is a “university level” course, teaching everything from the emergence of this System to how you can use its modern version to outplay your competition. 
This is by far the most complete and structured way to learn this very powerful opening… you’ll find anywhere.
But before you can get the full course on Thursday at 8 am EST… I want you to get started today with this FREE mini-course:
It’s loaded with TONs of advice, plans and key ideas you can start using right away facing 1.d4. 
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[FREE course] Get Larry C’s Killer Chess Attacks!

Good chess is a combination of knowledge and skill. You might be a talented tactician but it doesn’t hurt to know some powerful attacking patterns too!

Now you can learn how to play some of the most devastating attacks in history with this free 2 hour course from GM Larry Christiansen!

Click here to get your free copy of Larry C’s Killer Chess Attacks!



What will you learn?

  • The Ng7 sacrifice in the Sicilian. A must-know sacrifice for all 1.e4 players! White gets a guaranteed attack against the enemy king but must squeeze the maximum out of every move to win. Larry C dissects a model game from Topalov to teach you the way!
  • King in a cage – Mikhail Tal was willing to sacrifice almost any amount of material to keep his opponent’s king in a cage – a corner or rank he couldn’t escape from but could still be attacked. Know this formation and you’ll be able to sac early and put unbearable pressure on your rival!
  • Nezhmetdinov’s crazy double-rook sac – This Grunfeld classic has gone down in history as one of the essential attacking games to study. So much so, GM Yusupov won a game decades after Nezhmetdinov playing the exact same moves (yes, he knew the game!). White gives up both rooks to start the mother of all king hunts!

GM Larry Christiansen analyzes each game in-depth, explaining how and why each attack works plus what to do against other defenses – everything you need to be more prepared than your opponent!

Click here to get your free copy of Larry C’s Killer Chess Attacks!

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7 Things to Know to be a Strong Attacker

Everybody likes to see a good attacking game and would love to be able to reproduce it in their games, but it is not always that easy.

You have to know how to make your pieces cooperate and seize the right moment to start the pawn avalanche.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips that will help you improve your aggressive side.
1.Improve your pieces
The first thing to know when attacking is that no attack will work if your pieces aren’t harmoniously cooperating with each other. Also, you can’t attack with only a bunch of pieces; you will most likely need as many back-ups as possible in your attack.
All this means only one thing – that you must first completely finish the development and place your pieces on ideal squares before launching yourself in an attack.
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10 Little Known Chess Training Methods That Work

One of the most important aspects of the life of every chess player with a bit of ambition is training.

Constant self-improvement has always been the engine that keeps a player going. Training, like in any other sport, requires patience, discipline, and a strong will to work hard. If you have a coach or colleague to train with, the process can become more easy-going and fun. ​​​​​​​

However, this should not be an excuse not to study; there have been more Grandmasters who trained themselves than who used the help.


In this article, you’ll find 10 training methods that you can use in your training routine.

Some of these methods are less known and we have learned them straight from the Grandmasters who employed them. As you will understand, we’ll skip the names to not betray their confidentiality.

Let’s begin!

Click here  to learn 10 Little Known Chess Training Methods That Work

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