After watching this movie I realized that we should all learn how to play chess. And if we already play chess, then we should try to improve. Watch the trailer here.

Some people believe that chess is only for a few people, a set of lonesome people who live a completely different life from the others. This is very far from being the truth. You can find in chess tournaments all kinds of people, all sorts of characters and you can make new friends there.

Chess company is more possible to be creative, as the object of the meeting is something that has to do with logical and combined thought. Even if you don’t know anything about chess it is never too late to start.

It is not difficult to start. You can find leaflets and books for beginners. Nowadays we have the comfort of technology to support our learning process. I found some opportunities to download material from chess websites. You can read my comments if you want to know where you can find them and download them for yourself. This is the result of a long time search, but you can learn from my search and find them instantly.

Chess is not just a game. It is a sport, it is a challenge for everybody, for all levels of understanding and ability. Above all chess is like life, it helps us understand many things about life and ourselves.


Can everybody play in real tournaments?

I hear many people hesitating to join their first tournament. The excuse is pretty much the same. They didn’t have any experience before and they think that it is too late to start playing in real tournaments at their age. They prefer to keep playing at home or with friends like they did until now. But what do you have to lose if you play and lose most of your games? Will you bet any money on it? No. Do you have anything to lose? Nothing at all, believe me. Are you afraid of your experienced opponents you are going to face during the games? Since you have no rating you can only win against them either by gaining experience or by getting a rating which is something you didn’t have until now. It is them who should fear the bad result against an opponent who has no rating and is new to chess. So what are you waiting for? Join a chess club, get an athlete’s ID and start playing real rated chess games.

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