21 Days to BECOME a Dramatically BETTER CHESS PLAYER

You can study the 21 days chess course, the endgame package, the positional package, the opening package, you can solve homework assignments and many more included in this series.

Click the picture to find out more about this method implemented for chess players who don’t know how and what to study to improve their play and rating and for players who don’t want to spend years studying tons of books with little or no result in the end.



There are 3 main problems that 95% of all chess players are facing:

  • 1

    Most players do not know what to study and how to study it. They spend 99% of their valuable time studying unnecessary things and they do it in a wrong way, which leads to a tiny improvement or no improvement at all.

  • 2

    Most players gain passive knowledge from reading chess books. During the actual game, they simply cannot apply it, making that knowledge useless for an outcome of the game.

  • 3

    Most players do not have a crucial skill-set and the precise thinking process that is necessary to win chess games. They do not know what to pay attention to and what to take into account during the game.

That’s where our program 21 DAYS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR CHESS comes into play. It is aimed to solve these and many more problems that ordinary chess players face during their improvement journey.




    with Grandmaster Mikhaylo Oleksienko