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Are you still losing games due to annoying middlegame mistakes?

Poor middlegame play is a key problem stopping chess players from reaching expert level and, until recently, there was no easy fix for this.

Should you capture the knight and double his pawns? Should you ignore it and try to dominate the open file? Are there kingside attacking chances? Which plan should you choose?

We have an easy solution for you.

Just a few weeks ago, GM Igor Smirnov released his brand new middlegame training course and, after some negotiating, he finally agreed to let us to offer you an “early bird” discount of 50%.


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This course is completely new and directly targets the middlegame areas where GM Smirnov noticed club players struggle the most. All the games and examples covered are from very recent games so you know you are getting the most cutting edge middlegame theory on the market.

Winning the Middlegame comes with a course textbook (in PDF format) and interactive software which delivers chess video lectures, example games and challenging tests, totally immersing you in the learning experience to rapidly build your middlegame skills.

GM Smirnov’s students and fans have waited more than 18 months for this course to be released, but the celebrated coach insisted on making this course perfect!

Here are some of the topics he covers in Winning the Middlegame:

  • Doubled pawns – When they are weak (and how to attack them correctly) as well as a weird method to actually use your doubled pawns as an attacking weapon. This strategy will make your attacks seem to “appear from nowhere”.
  • The 2-step method GM Smirnov uses to figure out exactly where the enemy’s weak point is and how to target it. This deceptively simple idea might come as a shock to you.
  • 5 ways to easily convert an extra pawn into victory – even from a messy middlegame position!
  • Minority Attacks as a weapon to destroy the enemy pawn chain and how you can use Magnus Carlsen’s method to boost their power.
  • What to aim for in quiet positions when there is nothing to attack, and master methods to improve your position with “quiet moves”.

You get dedicated course software (which makes studying this course very easy), GM video lectures, detailed notes for all lessons (in easy-to-print PDF format), plus challenging tests with each lecture to assure you’ve completely mastered the content.

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