chess BOOKS, DVDs and teaching software





A VERY INSTRUCTIVE BOOK FOR BEGINNERS WITH MANY PHOTOS AND DIAGRAMS INSIDE. IT IS IDEAL TO START LEARNING.chess for beginners with photos          click here to read some pages


If you prefer the comfort of technology there is a training package for beginners

Beginner Chess Training Package (5 Program Bundle)

Beginner Chess Training Package

You can read some posts with beginners advice on this site.

  • Post beginners training

chess training for post-beginners (click it to read some pages) or chess from beginner to club player. The latter can be found also in downloadable format.

chess from beginner to club player                               chess training for post-beginners

  • Improvement training

2 very good books for improvement are   teach yourself better chess   and   5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

5334 Problems, Combinations and Games              teach yourself better chess

  • Endgame books

Regarding the endgame there are 3 good choices

practical chess endings    endgame strategy

theory and practice of chess endings  which can also be found in a DVD as a training software, click here to see it

Endgame Strategy Practical chess endings Theory and Practice of Chess Endingstotal chess ending cover 1total chess ending cover 2

  • Improvement in tactics

-3 excellent books for tactics

combinational motifs   which can also be found in a DVD as a training software, click here to see it

    improve your tactics  (you can read some pages)

   test your tactical ability

   combinational motifs                improve your chess tactics

Test Your Tactical Ability

-For those who like the comfort of technology and audiovisual means of learning there is a very good DVD for tactics, click here to see it


-We can solve tactics in our computer using a software especially designed for this purpose. It contains examples and thousands of tactical exercises classified by theme.

Click here to see it

ct art 5 cover

chess training 1          total chess training 1

chess training 2             total chess training 2

chess training 3            total chess training 3

chess training 4 at 50% DISCOUNT   Total-Chess-Training-4-CD-Rom


chess-training-package-for-club-players AT 50% DISCOUNT              chess training-package-for-club-players

chess-training-package-for-intermediate-players      Chess-Training-Package-for-Intermediate-Players

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