Free mini-course on Levitsky Attack

Introducing a very powerful opening to get an instant edge as White, leaving your opponent confused and frustrated!

This is the very opening that Magnus Carlsen played in Game 1 of the World Championship Match against Sergey Karjakin.

You guessed it. The Trompowsky Attack.

And whether you are a 1200 or 2000+ player, IM Ratkovic will prepare you to outplay your competition.

Get your mini-course on the Levitsky Attack [you’ll learn the difference between Levitsy Attack and Trompowsky Attack in this video]

Levitsky Attack mini-course
You are going to discover…

  • What is the Levitsky Attack and why you should include it into your preparation?
  • A powerful, multiple-threat combination that you can execute with White straight from the opening
  • Limit your opponent’s defensive resources by playing THIS exact move order
  • When to play ‘c4!’ ? – you should ONLY do it in this variation
  • Master’s technique for creating an advantage with a ‘simple-looking’ moves
  • And much more!

Get your mini-course on the Levitsky Attack


P.S. The full 10-hour Opening Lab on Trompowsky Attack with IM Ratkovic will be available for you on Thursday, October 17th, at 8 am EST!

Warning: This may completely transform your opening play!

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