Black Friday offers on chess courses (click on the picture)

It’s here.  2021 Black Friday has officially started.

Make sure to use the code FRIDAY70 to get 70% off everything in the store, no matter how small or huge your order is!
3 Top Bundles for You [discounts are already applied]… 1. IM David Fitzsimons Complete Training Bundle [75% OFF] – Want to win your games with a devastating attack? Recognize key patterns and calculate with near-machine perfection? What if I also tell you that you’ll get the computer-checked cutting-edge repertoire for both colors? And last but not least, Carlsen’s weapon of choice… the Alekhine Defense! A super-coach IM David Fitzsimons is here with a 70-hour bundle that covers everything from how to launch a game-winning attack to complete opening prep. 2. Sieciechowicz’s Opening Preparation Bundle for Black [75% OFF] – In this 60-hour bundle, Marcin will give you a strong opening repertoire based on the Sicilian Dragon, Benoni Defense, King’s Indian Defense, Grunfeld Defense, Najdorf, and French Defense… totally up-to-date with the modern theory, and will work great against any U2300 opponent. 3. TheChessWorld Complete Library [83% off] – The Complete Library includes all TCW courses from the Mastermind Series, Opening Lab, Club Player’s Bundle, Opening Preparation Bundle, Mastery Series, TCW Mega Bundle, and more. That’s nearly 800 hours of chess coaching from the World’s best instructors. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player you will discover a lot of new ideas and concepts that will ultimately help you become a better player. A perfect gift for chess enthusiasts of any age and level! And those are just 3 examples of OVER 1000+ chess courses available in the store! Pick Your Training: Click here to pick the chess courses And use the code FRIDAY70 to get 70% off your order!
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