Learn chess on your own terms, at your own pace. Anytime. Anywhere.

Today is the BIG day!

TCW Academy is now LIVE!

Our platform combines video lessons and training into a single path so you can quickly learn and start using your new skills.

Click here to join TCW Academy now [special launch offer!]

TCW Academy
Here is what’s inside:

  • Unlimited Access to Academy Video Library – Access our premium video collection and take your game to the next level. Our team of strong GMs and IMs is here to make sure you succeed.
  • Quizzes Come Standard – Learn faster by watching our bite-sized lessons created by top coaches and practice what you’ve learned through the practical section.
  • Customized Learning – We don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Engage with lessons suitable for your level and serving your goals.
  • Develop Your Chess Skills Set – Pick what Chess Skills are you looking to develop follow the path to mastery.
  • Available Anytime, Anywhere – Learn on your own terms and at your own pace on Desktop, Phone, or Mac.


Join TCW Academy now! [and if you get a yearly membership, you’ll also receive two awesome launch-only bonuses:
2 Full Months on Us and a Free Chess Audit – $149 value!]

What is chess audit? Send us a few of your games, our Chess Team will go through them and send you a report on exactly what you need to work on.


Here is why TCW Academy is so effective: 

  • Take ‘university-level’ courses on topics like Positional Chess, Middlegame Understanding, Strategy, Openings, Attacking Play and more
  • Pick the skillset you want to develop and choose your mastery level to ensure seamless results
  • Retain your knowledge better by watching the bite-sized lessons in distraction-free “focus mode”
  • Test your knowledge by passing our Final Exam and obtaining your Certificate
  • Track your progress with our sophisticated, yet simple to use analytics


Learn chess wherever you are, at home, in school, at the airport or even in a taxi cab!

There is no huge time commitment – it is self-paced learning and it will lead to amazing results in no time!


See you inside




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