67% off for all orders over $100

You asked for it… And you GOT it!

Ever since we closed our X-Mas Sale on Thursday, chess players have been emailing in, asking us to crack open our biggest discounts for individual courses as well… And we listened šŸ˜‰

Click here to pick your courses [And use the code 2020 at the checkout for 67% off all orders over $100 – super sale items excluded.]

It’s your move!

New Year Sale
After all, that’s how it should be:

You ask — you get… And, in the TheChessWorld Family:

You do the work, you get the results

Happy holidays,

P.S. Now is the best time to get all the best chess courses you missed out on during the year…

See what’s inside and don’t forget to use code 2020 for 67% off all orders over $100

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