[NEW] Tactics Fundamentals only for $7

If you were losing games because of tactical oversights this is your instant cure.  If tactics isn’t your strength… this course will change that.

International Master Valeri Lilov believes that tactics is something that separates winners from losers. IM Lilov cracked the code for becoming a better tactician and revealing ALL his secrets…

Click here to get Tactics Fundamentals 70% off [just $7 – the best deal ever + PGNs and Practicum included]

Learn more about Tactics Fundamentals
Here are just some of the things you will learn from this course:

  • Just look at a position and instantly identify important tactics
  • See 2x or even 3x tactics your regular opponent sees
  • Save even hopeless positions by “tactical miracles”
  • Execute a brilliant tactical combination winning the game
  • Understand the most important mating patterns that only Grandmasters use

We have this special 70% off available only for the next 72 hours.

Make sure to use this amazing opportunity and start improving your tactics!

Get your copy of Tactics Fundamentals with IM Valeri Lilov [for just $7!]

More Power,

PS This is a very important course for every chess player. And we only make it open for the first 200 players!

Get started now

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