ChessLecture Mega Bundle 90% off! A complete library of chess! 182 volumes of lessons!

If you are serious about moving up 300+ rating points in 2019 then you’re going to need to work on everything from openings to endgames.

That’s why it’s important to have a complete library of chess instruction to refer to. Whenever you struggle with a specific opening or need new ideas in attack, you can just watch a lesson from a GM/IM and start playing more powerfully in your next game.
If you don’t have a collection like this yet, then take this opportunity to get the awesome 1-180 volume ChessLecture Mega Bundle.
Chesslecture Mega Bundle - The Most Complete Chess Collection
See What’s Inside

This pack contains:

  • All 180 of the ChessLecture courses, most of which run for 2-3 hours each.
  • The most complete opening coverage available, learn the most crushing attacks in each of the major openings plus make sure you never blunder in the opening again.
  • IM Valeri Lilov’s 3 volumes on attacking chess. Discover how to make your every move hit hard, forcing your rivals onto the defensive.
  • Bobby Fischer’s secrets to playing with and against the Sicilian Najdorf. Fischer understood this double-edged opening better than anyone and his ideas on pawn storms, the critical d5 square and unusual sacrifices will serve you well for years.
  • The favorite attacking move of Judit Polgar and how to make it your most effective weapon.
  • GM Jesse Krai’s celebrated series on the endgames of former World Champion Smyslov, the exact material GM Krai credits with helping him become a GM. Full of fascinating insights into the deepest secrets of chess.
  • The style and ideas of Mikhail Tal, Magnus Carlsen and many other World Champions clearly explained. Find the player who most closely matches your style and learn their strongest startegies.
  • Plus PGNs of the featured games (where relevant).

Each of the 180 volumes features a GM/titled player revealing the inaccurate beliefs about the position that cause club players to repeatedly make mistakes before giving you the GM perspective and specific strategies you can use to win.

By working on your all-round game, you will see the quickest improvement in your results and rating too.

Click here to get a copy of the entire ChessLecture’s library 90% off [just $97]

90% off you’re getting an absolute steal, that is the best deal EVER offered on this Mega Bundle. On top of that you will get 2 bonus courses with IM Pascall and IM  Vigorito. We only have 25 of those to give away.

P.S. This is absolutely the best deal EVER offered on the 180 course ChessLecture collection. Click here to get your copy 90% off.

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