[85% OFF] Art of Defensive Play

If you take a closer look at Grandmasters’ games, you will discover that… they SCORE A LOT from inferior positions!
If you actually want to save and convert some of your losing positions into the wins, then you need a PROVEN process in place to tell you exactly what and how to play:
IM Ostrovskiy revels his signature approach for saving the positions you previously thought were “dead lost”. You will get his exact master plan with the step-by-step guidance allowing you to save many of your inferior positions and CONVERT some into the wins.
You are about to discover:
  • Number one mistake most players make when it comes to defense – and how you can avoid it [that’s why most “lost” positions are lost]
  • One change you can make in your defense to instantly SAVE many of your lost positions [Hint: it has nothing to do with your tactics, planning or overall chess strength]
  • How to deploy a successful defense when you have a single weakness in your position? [very powerful, yet rarely used on club level]
  • How to craft a superb counter-attack that will take care of your positional issues? [Kasparov’s approach]
  • How professional players find game-saving sequences even in very bad positions? [and you can too, with this]
Click here to get the Art of Defensive Play 85% off [that’s €6.23 – a cup of coffee price!]
P.S. Stop spinning your wheels. Just imagine what saving 2X more positions and converting 2X more “lost” games could do for your chess?
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