Your free course on Attacking in Closed Positions

Everyone knows about the importance of the center. At the same time, very few club players study or understand the center.
By simply learning how to use something your competition doesn’t take advantage of you will DOMINATE many of your games – without much effort!
IM Kolosowski covers the practical aspect of the topic rarely covered elsewhere… how masters win in the middlegame by controlling what happens in the center.
Before you get exclusive access to Mastering the Center on Thursday, April 11, I want you to get started right now, with our 40-minutes mini-course:
You are going to discover…
  • How to turn your opponent’s position into “hopeless” without putting too much effort!
  • Must-know patterns for winning closed positions – you can do THIS to dominate your next game!
  • Launching a powerful attack in closed position – plans, strategies, and ideas clearly explained
  • Preventing your opponent’s active play – an easy to follow the formula
  • A special type of the King’s Side attack which is impossible for your opponent to stop
  • And much more!
There is a lot of information, and I’m sure you will discover TONs of new, important stuff.

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]

P.S. Don’t miss the launch day – we have something very special for you!
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