Just 11$ for over 7 hours of GM training!

If you want to improve at chess and have a limited number of hours, putting more time into TACTICS will get you the greatest return!
Trust me, you will get surprised how easy things become, once you’re proficient at tactics. It becomes much easier coming up with a good plan, calculating endgames, launching a winning attack and so on.
And most importantly… your RESULTS become better.
Get Tactical Mastery with GM Kuljasevic 93% off [Just €9.73 – for over 7 hours of GM training – best deal EVER!]
Tired of doing things that don’t work?
This course has a very different perspective on improving your tactics…
Instead of taking the usual route of solving 1000s of problems, you’ll learn how to radically simplify this approach with GM Kuljasevic novel method!
GM Kuljasevic provides you with the full arsenal of all the necessary tools, theory and practical exercises for tactical mastery.
Here is what you’ll learn:
  • A grandmaster technique for spotting tactical opportunities based on specific “triggers”
  • A special method for improving your board vision and visualization [very important skills to help you with tactical execution]
  • Structured way for precise calculation used by many GMs, based on the “Ply Theory”
  • A powerful tool for identifying tactics – a so-called “Four Questions Model”
  • How to use geometrical motifs and contact points to find combinations on auto-pilot
  • Training method that will allow you to start solving tactics on automatically, on a subconscious level
It’s about to get SO MUCH EASIER to sport tactical patterns and calculate variations…
I can’t wait for you to see the strategies we’ve developed inside of this new program.
Get started with Tactical Mastery 93% off [Just 11 bucks for over 7 hours of GM training!]
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