Download your free course on Trompowsky and London

Want to crash your opponents straight out of the opening?
Then you need a powerful attacking weapon, something trustworthy that even the best-of-the-best can rely on.
The King’s Indian is a weapon of choice for both Fischer and Kasparov.
We teamed up with GM Marian Petrov to create The King’s Indian Mastermind – making you tournament ready in 10-short hours even if you never played this before!
The course will be out on Thursday, March 28th, but starting today you can go ahead and download the full 1-hour mini-course covering Trompowsky and London, in case your opponent stays away from the main lines:
You’ll discover:
  • The must know move-order trick that many GMs use for avoiding unpleasant variations
  • Best setups for Black in Trompowsky, when White is staying off the main lines
  • Karpov’s genius strategy for taking the initiative in Tromposwky Attack [you can do that too]
  • Typical plans and strategies thoroughly analyzed and clearly explained [a full-blown GM analysis just for you]
  • A very powerful attacking idea for your next game in London System
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