free course on Winning Endgame Strategies

We are launching a new video course, Winning Endgame Strategies with GM Davorin Kuljasevic and
You probably know that endgame is perhaps the most important phase of the game… That’s why I want to help you out to become a much stronger endgame player.
GM Kuljasevic has learned some of those ideas when he was 15 and 2200 rated from Mikhail Shereshevsky, one of the most renowned endgame experts.  After studying those strategies he reached IM level within 4 months, becoming a GM thereafter.
There is a lot of information, and I’m sure you will discover TONs of new, important stuff for yourself.
Enough said, grab your free mini-course on Winning Endgame Strategies now [we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]
P.S. The full course should be ready by the end of the week
For now, download and watch your free mini-course on Endgame Mastery
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