Making the Most of the Development Advantage

Since we begin in chess, one of our first and most important lessons is how to evaluate a position with maximum accuracy.
This aspect is so important because in most cases a correct or incorrect evaluation of the position will determine the course of our moves and plans. In order to assess a position we are given a list and we take certain aspects into consideration.
For example,king safety, pawn structure, material count, piece coordination or piece activity, space advantage, bishop pair, weaknesses on each side. These aspects help us understand what’s happening in our games and therefore they serve as a guide to make the best moves.
Some advantages are volatile and some are static.
This means that sometimes we have a permanent type of advantage that we can rely on the entire game, for example, our opponent has weak pawn structure.
Sometimes our advantage is volatile, meaning that it can evaporate easily if we don’t use it.
This is the case of the development advantage.
This sort of favorable situation can be reversed if we don’t play with energy and cash out into another type of advantage that will last longer and have a major impact on the position.
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