Is this the end of chess?

The impact the advance of technology has had on our every day is undeniable. It is, of course, debatable, whether this impact has been all for the best or has more negative effects.

This debate can be extended to the field of chess, where most (if not all) of a chess player’s work is facilitated by computers and powerful engines.

The fight starts right from the beginning, where players try to find even the tiniest of advantages from the opening and look for novelties… and how else to do so than with the help of chess engines?​​​​​​​

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The latest “shock” was given to the chess world by the now famous AlphaZero, who completely swiped off Stockfish 8. But the greatest surprise was not this, but the fact that it is said to be a self-taught computer system.

It has only been shown how the pieces move and it went on to learn everything else by itself – it had to “invent” the chess theory and further choose the best systems to be played. It played games against itself and learned from its mistakes, to develop into a strong chess force with a somewhat human-like approach to the game.

Click here to see the AlphaZero in action [the strongest engine in the world]

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