[Flash Sale!] The Deep Dive Series – the KEY to Winning Tournaments!

Deep opening knowledge is crucial in competitive chess. Between equal players it often makes the difference between winning and drawing.

However, up till now, most opening instruction has been very general – good enough so you know what you’re doing but without the detail required to give you the competitive edge in tournaments.

That’s what I’ve addressed with the Deep Dive series. As the name suggests, I focus on giving you the deep knowledge you need to outplay your opponents in specific openings.

Now, for 36 hours only, you can get an exclusive 65% discount off the entire, 5 volume, 42 hour series – by far the lowest price we’ve ever offered this at!


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No prior knowledge is required as we begin each course with a comprehensive overview, explaining the ideas behind the opening and the plans for each side.


Then I go into each variation, explaining how to counter every idea and revealing all the options you have available to you. Each idea is demonstrated with memorable examples from Super GM play so you learn how the very best overcome the toughest obstacles.

You’ll learn:

  • The Double Fianchetto system (b3 and g3) that is quickly becoming a favorite of players like Vladimir Kramnik. Incredibly flexible, full of attacking potential and very easy for your opponent to slip up against.
  • The London System – play it against nearly anything Black comes up with and decide whether you want to subject them to a positional squeeze on the Queenside or a terrifying Kingside attack.
  • The Sicilian Taimanov. Sidestep all the Najdorf theory – and your rivals’ preparation – with lines that blunt White’s attack and give you great counterplay early in the game.
  • The Accelerated Dragon. I reveal the rapid development move order that allows Black to take the initiative the second White makes a – seemingly natural – false step!
  • The Chigorin Defense. 2…Nc6! takes your opponent out of their comfort zone and onto your battlefield. The Chigorin has easy to learn plans, is positionally sound and full of dynamic attacking chances, making it perfect for winning with Black!

If you’ve ever lost points in competitive play because you didn’t know the opening well enough, put that right now with this collection of pro-level repertoires.

Click here to claim your 65% discount off the Deep Dive Mega Bundle.


P.S. Get the opening knowledge you need to succeed at higher levels with 42 hours of intensive training on powerful, practical openings. But be quick – this discount is only available until 23:59 EST Friday. Click here to get ALL 5 Deep Dive courses for a fraction of the individual cost!

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