FREE 3 hour course: Methods of the Masters!

I’ve got a fantastic giveaway for you today: 3 hours of chess improvement insights from our most popular Master Method courses!

Each Master Method features a world class presenter giving you their personal system for making serious rating gains and understanding chess at a whole new level.

Now you get to step inside this inner circle with lessons from “GingerGM” Simon Williams, Anna Rudolf, Daniel Naroditsky and… Judit Polgar!!

Click here to download Methods of the Masters!


Some of the things you’ll learn: 

  • Anna Rudolf’s 3 step technique for playing pawn breaks that open the game in your favor. Time it right and your opponent’s position will collapse like a house of cards!
  • Why so many players fail to improve beyond a certain level. Prodigy GM Daniel Naroditsky says it’s not a question of talent. Learn the root cause of this problem… and how to fix it.
  • The hidden tricks behind the terrifying Nf5! sacrifice in the Sicilian Defense! One of the world’s best ever Sicilian players, Judit Polgar, reveals how to get crushing early wins!
  • How to win games as Black with the French Defense. Simon Williams gives an intensive training on the key ideas behind this flexible opening.

Click here to download Methods of the Masters!


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