5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Accept a Draw Offer

there is a lot being said nowadays about the draws in chess. Apparently, the peaceful result is not something that pleases the spectators. The focus conversation has been whether classical chess is dead or there must be some changes in order to stop the tremendously high draw tendency.

This is certainly a complicated matter and it’s probably up to the organizers to set up the rules they want if they want to change this, although we think nothing much can be done. In this article we want to add our share to the conversation and give our readers some advice regarding draw offers.

First of all, let’s start with the draws at the highest level. There is no shame in a played out tie. Draws are a normal result. The more both players know, the highest the probability that the game ends in a draw. In fact it should not be other way. Chess is a game where if you don’t make many mistakes, you shouldn’t lose.


If you are getting started in the world of chess competitions and you aren’t contaminated yet with this chess virus, we have some thoughts for you.

If you have been long enough playing and have developed the habit of reaching out to your opponent with the white flag, hear us out too, maybe you’ll change your mind.

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