Thought Process and General Improvement Guide

The thought process is something that greatly decides the quality of the game.
National Master Dan Heisman, one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, defines it as “everything that happens after your opponent makes a move until you make yours“.
It is extremely important to be able to guide your thought process towards the right direction when you are faced with crucial decisions.
It can make or break your game. 
Surprisingly, this extremely important concept isn’t well covered. The majority of club players have no clue when it comes to thought process and improvement. Everything happens spontaneously, typically leading to not-so-good results. Players make irrational decisions which cost them games and stagnate at their current level for decades. 
Dan Heisman is here to fix that for you!
In this comprehensive package, Dan explains something as simple yet complex as the thought process, and how it’s applied correctly and (incorrectly!) in chess.  He explains how to evaluate, analyze, calculate, and use judgment and memory.  This collection on Thought Process and general improvement comes with 42 videos for you to relish and enjoy.
Now, for the first time, Dan has put his unique “thought process and general improvement” lessons, philosophies and findings into an incredible 20 hour series.
And for a very limited time you can get it at a fraction of what others pay! To make it even better we’ve also included a 3-month free ICC membership [First 25 buyers only]

You’re a one step away from becoming a much stronger player!

P.S. Being an original thinker, most of this material is unique to Dan. And now you can fully benefit from this incredible collection…
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