How to Win Games with Irregular Exchanges

When the game transposes into the ending and queens are off the board, people often tend to lose concentration, due to lack of checkmating attacks. However, it’s especially in the endgame when extreme precision is required.

If you make a mistake in the middlegame, you still have time to fix it. In the endgame every decision you make is crucial, and a single bad decision can ruin your chances for a win.



Simplifying the position is often an effective way to convert material or positional advantage. An outcome of the game greatly depends on player’s understanding of whether he should exchange off or keep the tension.

There is a number of books and articles covering typical ideas about trading pieces.

In this article, FM Krykun covers the other side of this issue – the untypical exchanges. To become a truly strong player, you need to be aware not just of the standard ideas but also of the creative and irregular ones.


How to Win Games with Irregular Exchanges

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