COMPLETE ENDGAMES with NM Viktor Neustroev [70% OFF]

If you want to start working your way towards the strongest 1% of the players, and not get stuck with the other 99%… you need to do something the majority isn’t willing to do.

And that is… working on your endgames!

Working on the endgames doesn’t mean browsing an indefinite number of positions in your Endgame Manual. There is a much better way… based on patterns and execution:

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In this 6-hour course, NM Viktor Neustroev is revealing everything from A to Z a club player needs to know about the Endgames.

This course is designed for club level players. If you follow all the lessons and complete practical tasks, you’re guaranteed to improve your endgame and the overall strength.

Here is what you’ll learn:
  • Fundamental endgame elements that every chess player must know
  • What is a “staircase maneuver” and how to apply it to win in Queen Endgames?
  • What are the “winning zones” and how to use this concept to win the Rook endgames?
  • How to nearly double the power of your Rooks by increasing activity and using an open file or rank?
  • How to catch your opponent’s pawns off guard and exploit the weaknesses [a must-know secret]?
  • Using reserve tempi to slowly but surely outplay your opponent the way GMs do it
It’s about to get so much easier to spot the key ideas and execute endgames, the way chess masters do it!
And to make this even better we’ve included a free bonus, How to Make a Game Plan [$50 value]. But it’s only available to the first 75 buyers…
P.S. I’m thrilled when I think about the results you’ll get from the Complete Endgames.
Click here to learn what’s inside the course [and don’t forget to watch the video].
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