The Good Bad Bishop

When it comes to minor pieces, we know that there are a number of principles that can help us determine which one is good and which one is bad in a specific position.
Thus we can properly decide which one to change and which one to keep. Since the bishops are the main subject of our article, we will start by reminding you that they are generally better in open positions.
Another basic rule states that we should place our pawns in the opposite color of our own bishop in order to achieve a certain harmony on the board that will restrict the opponent’s pieces.
Needless to say, two bishops can become a destructible force and you can read more about how to use them in our previous article.

However, these positional elements don’t always work in our favor and we sometimes end up with the wrong minor piece and have to defend a difficult position.
Click here to learn about The Good Bad Bishop [and see the 3 great examples]
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