[Free] Think like a GM with Simon Williams!! (until Tuesday the 14th of November 2017)

“GingerGM” Simon Williams is back!! Simon has created a sequel to his phenomenally popular GingerGM Method – and we’ve hooked you up with a fantastic 1 hour lesson!

Think like a GM does exactly what it says on the tin: teaches you what grandmasters notice and prioritize in positions where non-GMs lose their way.

It shows you how to go from playing moves that rate 7/10 on average to playing 9/10 moves. Every move.

Click here to get Simon William’s Think like a GM for free!

Like everything Simon does, this lesson is packed with instructive insights and advice, explaining every idea, every mistake, whether on the board or psychological. You will learn more from this 1 hour lesson than most people learn in many months.


Here’s how this course will improve your play:

  • Every move takes you closer to victory: Simon explains how to change your thinking so those occasional lazy, “looks ok” moves are replaced by relentless power moves, creating more and more problems for your opponent until they suffer death from 1000 cuts. (I’m talking inevitable checkmate – we want to keep them alive so we can beat them again).
  • Master the opening by knowing the middlegame: the game is won in the middlegame, the opening is just the vehicle that gets us there. Simon shows how to make sure you get there first and in one piece by working backwards from the middlegame!
  • Excel in complicated positions: There’s no getting away from it, if you want to get better at chess, you need to be willing to handle complications. Simon reveals how to become fearless, walk through the valley of death and come out the other side a winner.

Click here to get Simon William’s Think like a GM for free!


P.S. Ready to take your game to a whole new level? Get Simon William’s incredible, new, 15+ hour Revolutionize your Chess (GingerGM Method 2) for half-price by clicking here. This is the only course that teaches you both how to master attacking play in typical positions AND a step-by-step opening system to guarantee you get these positions on the board!

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