[36 hours only] Yasser Seirawan’s course for aspiring masters

World Junior Champion, 4 times US Champion and a FIDE Senior Trainer, GM Yasser Seirawan is a US chess legend.

Famed for his expert commentary on top events, Yasser is well respected for his ability to explain complex ideas in a way people just get.


That’s why when he invests 2½ years to create a training program worthy of bearing his name, it’s worth taking note.

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Yasser Seirawan’s 3 volume Pro Chess Mentor Series promises to improve your rating after just 1 viewing. A bold claim but here’s why Yasser is confident making it:

  • Pro Chess starts by revisiting the fundamentals, pointing out the hidden subtleties most of us never learned.
  • Then Yasser interviews Larry Evans who reveals the 4 elements of chess and which one is the most important. Plus why Bobby Fischer was willing to “suffer, for a long time” in exchange for one of them.
  • Seirawan gives a specific, universal method for evaluating a position, making strong moves obvious.
  • We learn how to apply Steinitz’ 3 principles of defense to become near unbeatable.
  • Yasser shows us the key “master pawn structures” and the winning plans to use with each of them.
  • He teaches us the 4 principles of attack that make sure you smash through the defense and mate your opponent. How to time the attack. When to trade and why. Plus the first goal of any attack and how to judge whether it will succeed, all revealed here.
  • Then we get invaluable strategies for getting out of a bad position. We’ve all been there: no space, no decent squares for our pieces, almost in zugzwang. Yasser Seirawan provides a step-by-step formula for getting out of the mess with a strong position, ready to fight for the win.
  • Finally, Seirawan presents a superb 3 hour coverage of the historic Kasparov vs. Deep Blue match revealing Garry’s genius in attack and how we can emulate the cold computer style in our own games (as many top GMs do nowadays).

If you want Super GM insights on attacking with power, playing your way out of tough positions and knowing how to exploit your opponent’s pawn structure, get Pro Chess for the lowest price we’ve ever offered by clicking the link below.


Click here to save 65% on Yasser Seirawan’s Pro Chess series!


You might only realize how good you can get after taking this course so make sure you watch it at least once. The principles you learn here will help you play better chess for the rest of your life.


P.S. Remember this discount disappears at 23:59 Thursday 7 September and won’t be repeated this year so take advantage now to avoid disappointment.

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