CHESS MEGA BUNDLE 70% OFF until Monday the 4th of September 2017

How great would it be to learn even a single thing from a Grandmaster? What if you could learn from 10 different GMs and IMs? That could totally transform your game…
It can make the difference between a lightning fast progress and years of stagnation and disappointments.
I’m sure you’re the type of player that wants to improve FAST.
And we have something very special for you today: the 18 Course Bundle from TheChessWorld!
This bundle teaches you EVERYTHING a club player must know from the opening theory, middlegame understanding and practical endgames to Grandmaster’s calculation secrets, psychological preparation advice and evaluation of positions masterclass.
Here is just a small taste of what you’re about to learn:
  • The # 1 technique that Grandmasters use for finding the strongest attacking moves in unclear positions
  • How grandmasters find an instructive plan and start a powerful attack even in most complex positions? 
  • How to use imbalanced exchanges to get an upper hand in positions with no clear plan?
  • How grandmasters see 2x or even 3x tactics your regular opponent sees [and you can too]
  • The GM method of finding the best candidate moves and deep calculating variations
  • And much more
This is by far the best deal we EVER had for this bundle. You can get the whole package at a small fraction of the price that others pay…
Be quick… it’s only available for next couple days.
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