[FREE] Get the secrets of a chess superpower!!

Theirs is a story of meteoric rise.

Go back just 20 years and China were virtual nobodies in chess. Now they’re a superpower.

What did they do to go from zero to winning the Chess Olympiad in 2014?

Your free 2 hour mini-course The Chinese School of Chess reveals the answers, with in-depth analysis of 3 games featuring the best Chinese players: Ding Liren, Yu Yangyi and the teenage sensation Wei Yi.

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 the chinese school of chess


What will you learn?

  • How to break the rules and win. Modern chess is all about concrete play. Watch as Yu Yangyi refuses to castle then dances his king across open files, accepting sacrificed material on his way to a spectacular win!
  • Wei Yi’s ‘Immortal’ – the modern day king hunt that shook the world! Wei Yi’s 21.Nd5! and 22.Rxf7!! (diagram) were just the beginning of a stunning mating sequence.
  • The hidden power of the h-pawn – Harry the h-pawn isn’t just a key warrior in hack attacks. He’s also an ambitious employee chasing promotion! Check out Ding Liren’s method for creating an impossible-to-stop passed pawn.

GM Joel Benjamin analyzes each game in-depth, giving you powerful game-winning methods as well as a fascinating insight into the new chess superpower.


Click here to get your free copy of The Chinese School of Chess!


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