Practical English – Complete System 50% OFF

I’m super excited to announce that we’ve just released our brand-new course Practical English: The Complete Opening System for White with IM Lilov. ​

Most club players struggle at finding an opening system that is solid-enough they can trust, yet simple enough they don’t need to invest months to understand.

They learn 5-6 different openings, waste loads of time, yet never encounter the positions they studied… and get frustrated because they don’t see any results. 

If that rings any bells, we have something just for you… a universal opening system:
The key advantage is you can truly focus on this one opening system and understand it 5 times better than bunch different openings.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that if you understand an opening system 5x better, you will win way more games!

In this 6-hour course, IM Valeri Lilov uses his innovative approach based on understanding a very specific “beat sequences” and key plans to minimize preparation time. This is a much more effective way of learning than the traditional methods.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The most important essentials to keep in mind when playing with the English Opening
  • How to successfully handle the aggressive move sequences from your opponent and get an instant edge
  • A very powerful “piece domination: technique and how to use it to win games [a secret weapon #1]
  • The Grandmaster’s idea of a “self-supporting pawn structure” and how to utilize it to get ahead
  • What do you need to know about the Maraczy bind to paralyze your opponent [a secret weapon #2]
  • Very strong, yet easy to learn tactical sequences that you can use to win games even against a much stronger opponent
I am are very excited about this course… because it is truly a game changer. And I want it to change the way you look at openings… 
That’s why we are offering a half-off for next few days!
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