[FREE mini-course until the 10th of August 2017] Win brilliantly with Sokolov’s Intuitive Sacrifices!!

Ever watched with envy as an elite GM played a beautiful sacrifice that amazed the crowds and thought “I wish I could find moves like that”?

FIDE Senior Trainer and former world #12 GM Ivan Sokolov says we are all capable of such creative genius… and he knows how to teach you!

Discover the secret to playing brilliant chess in this free mini-course, taken from Ivan’s astounding new Dynamic Chess Secrets:

Click here to get Sokolov’s Intuitive Sacrifices for free!



 free the sokolov method mini course

Here’s what’s in store for you: 

  • GM Sokolov reveals the one secret to developing reliable intuition and how to use your new intuition to find the kind of killer sacrifices that made Mikhail Tal famous (2 minutes into the course).
  • Anand’s genius deconstructed: Vishy sac’d a bishop, then a knight, then a rook, to force a 2700 GM to resign in just 24 moves – without having to calculate! Ivan explains how. (3 minutes 30).
  • Ever been tempted to make a sac but been worried your initiative will run out? Not anymore – see the “rule of the bigger threat” in action as another Super GM is ripped apart in under 25 moves (50 mins). 

This mini-course will open your eyes to a new way of improving your chess – and make your games way more fun too! But it’s only available for a couple of days so grab your copy now:

Click here to get Sokolov’s Intuitive Sacrifices for free!

P.S. This is just a tiny part of Ivan’s incredible Dynamic Chess Secrets (the Sokolov Method) – the 15 hour training program for players who want to learn how to control games, create winning chances out of almost nothing and develop the composure and iron will necessary to be a consistent tournament winner.


Click here to get 50% off Dynamic Chess Secrets (the Sokolov Method) – early bird discount ends 10th August.




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