THE KOSINTSEVA METHOD with GM Nadya Kosintseva [50% off]

It’s difficult to go far in chess without a good chess education…
In Russia, the standard training seems to churn out players who are already IMs by age 12 – regardless of a pupil’s talent or personality.
The power is in the SYSTEM of training – a system that leaves no holes in the pupil’s foundation.
These players can do everything. They’re tactical monsters, have supreme calculating ability, have the strategic subtlety of a Karpov, and are maestros in the endgame.
Essentially, they’re bulletproof.
That’s why for their next Master Method course, iChess chose Nadya Kosintseva – a strong GM who bloomed directly from this regimented and scientific chess training background.
She’ll teach you the elite Russian approach to all levels of the game from Calculation, Strategic Piece Play, Attacking Skills, Endgame Technique and Mastering Common Pawn Formations – all this in her 16 hour course which you’ll get for 50% off!
What’s Inside?
  • Attacking Skills: You’ll learn how to assess the standard (and crushing) piece sacrifices – how to judge their effectiveness and guarantee that there is NO defense before giving up material (Pros never sacrifice in the dark! Now you’ll know if your idea wins – well in advance!)
  • Winning Formations: The Botvinnik approach for skilfully handling pawns – when they’re weak, but also when they provide a devastating space advantage that leads to a kingside attack (this is a very misunderstood topic, with inside knowledge that’ll create a serious edge over your rivals!)
  • Piece Play: A simple formula for quickly maneuvering your passive pieces into overwhelmingly strong outposts within a few moves. This method was one of the secrets of Karpov, Carlsen and Petrosian and will transform you into a strategic chess expert virtually overnight!
  • Deeper Calculation: Three important things to look for immediately at the start of your calculations – and the precise order to check them in (this technique results in the whole position quickly “making sense” and makes your calculations crystal clear!)
Plus you get great bonuses including practical tests and course summary so you remember what you’ve learned; PGN file of all the featured games and a revealing Q+A session with Nadya!
If you want to delve deep into the Russian Chess School which has produced an unparalleled list of chess superstars and world champions for DECADES…
…you can now follow EXACTLY the same curriculum and reap the exact same benefits with the GM Nadya Kosintseva’s Killer Chess Skills!
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