SELF-TAUGHT GRANDMASTER Comprehensive Course by GM Igor Smirnov [50% OFF]

One of the most common questions I receive is “what do I need to progress at chess – fast?” and  “What are the right things to learn, and where can I learn them?”
All chess players want a step-by-step path to chess mastery.
And this is exactly what I’m offering you today.
I personally know that learning the wrong things in the wrong way can set you back, and prevent from performing at your best for many months if not years…
Only 1-3% of players have great achievements (titles, norms, prizes) while the rest struggle, stagnate, and fail to improve. That happens because they study chess randomly. They have no system. Many “coaches” are uncertain how to train to achieve the results.
To progress in chess you need to train the right things in the right way. You need a training plan and a comprehensive system of chess knowledge. That’s what Self Taught Grandmater with GM Smirnov is all about.
Let this course show you what real chess improvement looks like!
This Grandmaster course combines the successful experiences of:
  • Former USSR Chess Schools
  • GM Smirnov’s own playing and teaching experience
  • Psychological knowledge of human brain functioning (and effective learning)
  • Experience of training thousands of students
For next few a days you can get this excellent course for a ridiculous 50% off. That’s perhaps the best offer ever offered for this course!
Now you can get the most effective training methods, which have proved its high efficiency.
This course will show you WHAT to do, HOW to do it and what MATERIALS you should use.
You will get a clear guide, a clear map for your chess progress:
Due to very high demand, we’re only allowed to distribute 50 copies of this excellent course at half off…. We’ll be out soon, so if you want a copy, make sure to get it quick!
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