Hi friend,
don’t you want to have an amazing opening repertoire that you can rely on 100% of the time? 
Don’t you want to have a repertoire that takes out even much higher rated opponents and gives you an unparalleled edge in the middlegame and endgame? 
Most club players think it is not possible without hiring a super-expensive coach and paying him thousands of dollars for private lessons… And it was that way for a very long time. 
The good news is – it is not the case anymore! You can get a very effective, yet easy-to-learn repertoire customized for your own style by following a step-by-step instruction from one of the top opening preparation experts in the world – GM Yermolinsky!
GM Yermolinsly is the world champion of chess coaches, or if you wish, the world champion of opening preparation. That’s exactly what helped him at beating Garry Kasparov a few decades back. 
And now you can get a great deal of GM Yermo opening preparation wisdom from his comprehensive opening repertoire course. The course based on concrete examples and opening preparation “secrets” that he never disclosed before [at least to the wide audience].
Aren’t you tired of getting those “bad middlegames” time after time? Don’t you think you deserve to have better positions, enjoy the game and get that win?
I certainly think you do.
And this course is something that will definitely help you at outplaying your opponents straight from opening and getting a much better middlegame position. 
This is already an amazing offer, but I decided to make it even better by adding the two free bonuses:
– BONUS #1 [$20 Value] – Complete set of PNGs is included with this course for your convenience and further analysis.
– BONUS #2 [$25.95 Value] – FREE 3-month membership at Internet Chess Club (ICC). Only available to first 25 buyers.
This is a no brainer but be quick while the bonuses are still there… 
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