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Bruce Lee once said “I don’t fear a man who has practiced 1000 different kicks – I fear a man who has practiced one kick 1000 times!”

What Bruce meant was that mastery of the fundamentals will make you a much more fearsome opponent than that other guy who merely “dabbles” in different areas.

And what are the fundamentals in chess? Tactics.

Practice shows that 90% of club players can gain 100 Elo points or more – with nothing more than a tunnel-visioned focus on tactics…
Prove me right…
Grab your chance now and download a premium course by GM Sopiko Guramishvili that’ll train you in all of the fundamental chess tactics – it’s FREE for you.


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What’s Inside?

  • Richard Reti’s beautiful double-attack combination from the 1920s which set the path for the tactical wizards of today (it will illustrate how you can set up the deep, multi-move combinations your opponents will never see!)
  • How to sacrifice your queen and employ a “windmill” to win back the opponent’s entire army (a jaw-dropping tactic that’ll win the admiration of everyone – including your opponent!)
  • Capablanca’s subtle method of tying up an opponent with pins before forcing him into a lost ending (this is one of the true secrets behind Capablanca’s “smooth, elegant” playing style – pay special attention to this lesson in chapter 3!)

Go for it, download these ESSENTIAL tactics, do the training and “practice your fundamentals 1000 times” like Bruce Lee – It’s FREE and will make you a fearsome opponent!


Click here to download Sopiko Guramishvili’s Essential Tactics for FREE!


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Superstars like Anand, Svidler, Hou Yifan and the late Mark Dvoretsky sharing their cutting-edge opening prep and methods for lightning fast calculation and middlegame domination!

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Plus, where relevant, you get the PGNs, practical tests and videos from both Black and White’s perspective.

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