GM Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide is Here 50% until the 21st of July 2017

Imagine joining a top Grandmaster while he participates in a serious international tournament…

GM Naiditsch stands on the balcony, chatting with you about the pairings, his opponent’s strengths, weaknesses, and game psychology…  He shares his planned openings – explaining why he thinks it’ll work against his opponents and how he thinks they’ll respond…

And then, after the game, you join him during a deep analysis of the game – the euphoria of his wins and the anguish of his defeats.

The BRAND NEW GM Naiditsch Tournament Preparation Guide allows you to join him before, during and after the recent Grenke Classic – it’s the ULTIMATE course to learn how the very best players prepare for serious tournaments!

If you have a big tournament coming up, you can’t afford to miss this one…

And your copy is half price until Thursday – grab it quickly!

What’s Inside?
  • Preparing for Positional Players: GM Naiditsch finds the weakness in GM Bluebaum’s solid Catalan and reveals exactly how he’s going to exploit it (Wow! He predicted the opening perfectly and gives a powerful lesson in opening preparation!)
  • Preparing for Tactical Players: Playing black against Hou Yifan is scary! Witness GM Naiditsch using a mixture of psychology and smart chess sense to get the PERFECT opening against her (A master class in neutralizing aggressive opponents!)
  • Dealing with Defeat: Watch the disappointment in GM Naiditsch’s face and pay close attention to his disciplined thinking and plan moving forward. Only a brilliant GM would react in this way (You learn to quickly shake off a loss and CRUSH the very next opponent!)
The 13.5 hours of lectures alone will give you the ultimate edge in your future tournament preparation, but in addition to this – you also get the following bonuses:
What Else is Included?
  • [Bonus #1] Challenging Puzzles designed to test your knowledge to the limit!
  • [Bonus #2] Course Summary in PDF format makes navigation a breeze, assuring that every lesson is easily accessible!
  • [Bonus #3] Complete PGN File so you can print or browse the ideas on your favorite chess software.
  • [Bonus #4] Exclusive Q&A Video with Arkadij where we ask him vital questions such as how to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, time management tactics, how to truly understand your openings (rather than merely memorizing) and why checking your games with the engine is a big mistake!
This training will soon be your “go-to” before every event you play, so grab your copy, use the bonuses to their fullest, and reach your chess potential!
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