[FREE Mini-Course] Learn to Calculate FAST with GM Nadya Kosintseva!

Is this how most of your games are lost…


Things are going okay, then at some point they become complicated, your opponent applies a little pressure, you miss something and land in a lost position.


Missing tiny details when placed under pressure, often means your calculation is shallow, shaky and not precise…


What if you could calculate deeper, see things more clearly, and miss almost nothing?


The easiest solution to your calculation problem is a disciplined calculation system.


That’s why we asked GM Nadya Kosintseva to teach you a brilliant system taught in the Russian school of chess – all in a brand new mini-course you can get for FREE!

(Click on the picture to learn more)



Click here to get Russian Calculation Method mini-course for FREE!


What’s Inside?

  • Three important things to look for immediately at the start of your calculations – and the precise order to check them in (this technique results in the whole position quickly “making sense” and makes your calculations crystal clear!)
  • You’ll learn the “second round” calculation technique, which rids your calculations of blunders, while exposing all the sneaky tactical patterns hiding beneath the surface (brings tactics to the surface like snakes hiding in the grass – you’ll miss nothing, even in wild positions!)
  • How to use the principled moves theory to drastically reduce your list of candidate moves and find the right move instantly (this will have a game-changing impact on your time management – say goodbye to time trouble forever!)

If you want to learn the scientific approach to calculation, the same one champions like Garry Kasparov learnt in Botvinnik’s Soviet school which allowed him (and many others) to calculate mind-boggling variations quickly and efficiently – you simply must study this mini-course.

Click here to get Russian Calculation Method mini-course for FREE!



Team iChess

P.S. This mini-course is part of Killer Chess Skills – the Kosintseva Method; the incredible new 15 hour course you can grab for half price here!

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