FREE MINI COURSE-THE CHIGORIN DEFENSE (until the 16th of July 2017)

Here is your copy of Getting Started with the Chigorin – click here to download it.

You’ll Learn:

  • To win with the powerful 8…e3! pawn sacrifice which destroys white’s pawn structure, hinders his development and creates a massive target for your future attack on his king (even GMs have lost to this easy-to-miss shot and so will your opponents!)

  • Your Knights Hop Circles Around his Bishops: Think the bishop pair is always better? This opening destroys that theory! You’ll discover how your knights can hop around easily because of your unique pawn structure and when the time is right – leap to the kingside for a winning attack (while his lame bishops look on in horror!) 

  • To Destroy White’s Position, the Moment He Plays the Most Natural Move: If he develops his pieces to “natural squares” he’ll fall victim to your deadly forcing line (and only a master will know the subtle difference between Ne2 and Nf3 in this case – everyone else will soon be resigning!)


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