PRACTICAL ENDGAMES for Club Players with IM Valeri Lilov 50% OFF until Sunday the 2nd of July 2017

Most chess books and videos are focusing on the theoretical endgames. What most players actually need is learning how to play practical endgames.
The only way to master those endgames is by learning the PATTERNS. That’s exactly how Grandmasters outplay those lower rated opponents. GMs simply know enough endgame patterns, to play those positions precisely.
Since patterns are super-important, they’re the core of our brand-new course Practical Endgames for Club Players with IM Lilov
In this 6-hour course, IM Lilov teaches you the 47 most important endgames that anyone from an amateur to Grandmaster must know.
Valeri reveals his groundbreaking methodology which allows playing endings precisely and with almost zero memorization. It is based on pattern recognition and general understanding of endgame principles.
It is a very powerful weapon, yet simple enough that any club player can quickly grasp it.
Here is what you will learn: 
  • The #1 most important “maneuverability” idea when you’re playing the rook endgames
  • The winning approach used by many strong Grandmasters which gets and instant edge in the Queen endgames every single time
  • The Fischer’s key endgame principle that allows generating strong activity in equally looking position
  • Simple, but very powerful idea allowing to get a winning edge in many of the Knight endings
  • #1 winning strategy when it comes to the bishop endgames
We know how important a deep endgame understanding for club player is…  and that’s why we are giving you this shortcut system 50% off – because we want YOU to become a better player, the best in your club, tournament, city or state!
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