[FREE Mini-Course] Sicilian Defense games played by Judit Polgar (the best woman chess player ever!!) against Garry Kasparov (World Champion 1985-2000)

By the tender age of ten years old, Judit Polgar had already chosen the Sicilian Defense as her absolute favorite opening and, from then on, she never swayed from it.

As she grew stronger, she humiliated experienced GMs game after game in this sharp opening which matched her style perfectly…

Then came 1994 and, at the age of just 17 (already rated 2630!), she faced Garry Kasparov, perhaps the greatest Sicilian specialist ever – and history was made.

Discover what happened next (AND in every other Sicilian match-up they had) by grabbing the FREE mini-course below – it’ll vastly improve your chess!

Click here to download Judit Polgar & Kasparov’s Sicilian Slugfests

Inside You’ll Discover:

  • The Infamous Touch-Move Game: Judit gives her full analysis of the famous game where Kasparov furiously insisted that he hadn’t let go of his knight. Discover Judit’s sharp attacking plan, why it didn’t work and how you can play the Sicilian even better than she did! 

  • Kasparov’s Lucky Escape: Judit launches a raging attack, bravely sacrificing TWO pieces against Kasparov’s Najdorf. Learn how you can win with furious attacking plans like Judit’s killer pawn storm (and how in this game Kasparov STILL managed to salvage a draw!) 

  • Kasparov’s Brilliant Sacrifice: Kasparov in a violently aggressive mood! “He only needed a draw, but I knew he wanted to crush me!” she says. You learn Kasparov’s hammer-blow exchange sac that shook Judit’s position to it’s core (AND, to apply his opposite color bishop attack for crushing positional wins!)

Yes! This is more than 2 hours of Judit Polgar sharing her toughest Sicilian battles against arguably the greatest Sicilian player EVER!

This mini-course is a masterclass, not only in the Sicilian Defense, but also in dynamic attacking chess, and one woman’s struggle to take down a giant! Get your copy now.

Click here to download Judit Polgar & Kasparov’s Sicilian Slugfests!

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