5 key areas you need to work on to become a strong player [50% OFF] until Saturday the 17th of June 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard of Damian Lemos – he’s the resident Grandmaster at iChess…
The same GM responsible for the best-selling Club Player’s Manifesto and Deep Dive series which changed the lives of thousands of chess fans worldwide…
…and he’s the same guy who shot from 2200 to 2560 literally in the blink of an eye.

How a Chess “Nobody” Skyrocketed to 2560 While Others Struggled…
How did Damian make such an astonishingly FAST leap in strength?
He calls them the 5 Elements of Chess Mastery
Five big changes he made just prior to experiencing the explosion of chess growth which ultimately made him a Grandmaster.
No this is NOT the Club Player’s Manifesto, nor the Lemos Deep Dive – It’s something truly groundbreaking…
GM Lemos has finally distilled his wisdom from the original “rise to fame” (see diagram on the left) and it’s all in the brand new  5 Elements of Chess Mastery course which can be yours today for half price!
What Will The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery Teach You?
  • Openings Mastery: The dynamic shift in mindset Damian needed to move into the “big leagues” and start handling openings like a GM. You’ll learn to ruthlessly punish the slightest inaccuracy and to quickly build small, but enduring advantages against strong opponents.    
  • Exploiting Positional Mistakes: GM Damian’s advanced methods for easily trading your opponent’s strongest pieces, dominating weak squares, maintaining a rock-solid pawn structure, and much more…
  • Modelling the Legends: Focus on the “cream of the crop” – GM Damian’s vault of carefully selected masterpieces from immortals Capablanca, Kasparov, Alekhine and Fischer (HINT: Each game has laser-targeted ideas such as Capablanca’s DEEP 12.g3! concept you can swipe for later use!)
What Else Do You Get with The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery?
Besides your 15 hours of eye-opening lessons, you also get these BONUSES…
  • [Bonus #1] Challenging Puzzles for each theme designed to test your knowledge to the limit, and give you the same unfair advantage GM Damian had during his meteoric rise!
  • [Bonus #2] Course Summary in PDF format makes navigation a breeze, assuring that every lesson is crystal clear and the key ideas within an arm’s reach.
  • [Bonus #3] Complete PGN Files so you can browse the ideas on your favorite chess software, or even practice them against the engine for a real test!
You’re gonna love it!
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