THE ACCELERATED DRAGON with Grandmaster Damian Lemos [55% off]

Sitting there behind the black pieces is tiring…
Concentrating, calmly responding to each of white’s attacks and maneuvers, and you’re waiting…waiting…waiting for your chance.
Here’s an opening that’s easy to learn and allows black to play for advantage immediately – without risk and without the mind-boggling memorization of lines.
GM Damian Lemos has just deconstructed it for you in a brand-new 8-hour course, so you can “pick it up” and win with it, starting today.
So, here’s Deep Dive 4: The Accelerated Dragon – half price just for you.


Click here to get Deep Dive 4: The Accelerated Dragon for 55% off.

Openings generally score worse for black, but as they say “stats don’t lie”

Yes, that’s right. While other openings see black suffering badly against 1.e4, this one sees black standing his ground with a completely even score.
How will the opening help you?
• Smart Move Orders stop white’s “Anti-Sicilian” ideas in their tracks (cuts down 80% of your opening headaches by completely side-stepping them)
• Simple “Shortcut” Strategies in the middlegame, you can adopt in most situations regardless of what white is doing.
• Dynamic Positions result in almost all lines (and GM Lemos reveals simple attacking plans you can apply immediately in your games)
To help you master all content, you also get a complete PGN database of course content for review, high-quality PDFs, challenging puzzles and more.
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