Download your mini-course on King and Pawn Endgames

Do you want to know a BIG secret about chess improvement?
Here it is…
By simply working on the final stage of the game you will see huge rating gains in the shortest time possible.
And the good news is… there is no need to spend years on memorizing the endgame manual. We teamed up with GM Bryan Smith to produce an all-around, comprehensive Endgame Mastermind.
This exclusive new course will be available for you starting Thursday, March 7, 8 a.m. EST.
But you can get started today with our free mini-course on King and Pawn Endings:
You are going to discover…
  • The rule of “disconnected pawns” – when can your pawns be advanced?
  • The advantage of doubled pawns in the endings – a key scheme to remember
  • Combining triangulation and opposition to win a tempo [GM technique]
  • “Blocking the king” concept for saving an otherwise lost endgame
  • Chessboard geometry – the principle of the “shortest” distance
  • The notion of space in the endgame – must-know ideas
  • How to use the “Trebuchet Setup” to win your endings

Don’t delay, get started right NOW:

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]


P.S. Don’t miss the launch of the course. Set your alarm at 8 am EST, on Thursday, March 7th
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