[Free Course] IM Rozman Reveals the ONE Opening You’ll EVER Need!

There’s an opening system you can learn in a single weekend — that’ll mean you never need to study White openings again. 


And it adapts to your playing style… you might play it more violently than a bloodthirsty caveman, or you might play it quietly and peacefully like a Buddhist monk.

It’s up to YOU.

Are you an aggressive player, or more positional in nature?

Even better, it is a system, which means no memorization, no long lines of theory… instead it uses a few simple methods, some key structures and a handful of winning piece paths.

Curious? Grab your FREE training in this powerful opening system below.

Trompowsky Secrets! Mini-Course - iChess.net

Click here to get Trompowsky Secrets for FREE!

What’s Inside?

  • 7 Simple Piece Paths For Knowing EXACTLY Where Your Pieces Belong! (diagram) What if in most positions you could intuitively find the best moves? No more time trouble, fewer bad positions, and blindingly quick blitz play!
  • How to Quickly Transition From a Positional Edge to Direct Confrontation with 2-3 Hammer-Blows! Ever wondered how to convert your nice outposts or better pawn structure into a terrifying kingside attack? The secret is inside.
  • The Sneaky Move Order Trick For Destroying His Pawn Structure! This tricky idea leads Black to play “natural” moves  — only to discover that he’s landed in a Queen’s Gambit, but ALSO nursing crippling pawn weaknesses. You will devastate opponents with this – especially if you’re positionally oriented!

And these are only a handful of the game-changing benefits this opening system can offer you, so I implore you to download this mini-course. I’m sure you’ll agree, this is the right opening for you!

Click here to get Trompowsky Secrets for FREE!

My friends … there are more important areas to study than openings — and this opening is all you’ll EVER need for White.

Trust me on this one.


P.S. This mini-course is from IM Rozman’s brand new Trompowsky course – want the whole course? Click here to get it for half price!

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