Your free course on Pawn Weaknesses

have great news and prepared an awesome surprise for you!
We are finishing our newest Positional Chess MasterMind with GM Bryan Smith.
Chess is a calculable game, at least theoretically. And whoever calculates better, should win. However, at some point calculations break down. It is simply not possible to calculate everything. And this is where the real magical part of chess is: the intuitive understanding of positions.
Superior positional understanding allows outplaying those better prepared in the openings, tactics and even the endgames!

It is super important for any club player… and to help you get started I’m giving you a free mini-course on Pawn Weaknesses:

This is the position from the mini-course. White pieces are tied down to defend the weak c4-pawn. That makes it easy for black to execute a quick …g5! and relocate the knight to f4 turning the white’s positions into a nightmare!
You’ll discover:
  • Strong doubled pawns vs. weak doubled pawns – every player must know THIS!
  • The most important step for exploiting the doubled pawns weakness [that’s something club players never do]
  • The move you should never consider in the positions with pawn weaknesses
  • A typical pawn maneuver to shut down your opponent’s defensive possibilities
  • The “special type” of isolated queen’s pawn positions [and how to play those]
  • What is the pawn wedge and how to take advantage of it
  • And much more!
Grab your free mini-course on Pawn Weaknesses [we’re only giving away 2,000 copies, so be quick]
P.S. The full Positional Chess Mastermind will be available on Thursday 8 am EST.
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