[Flash Sale] The 350 hour Encyclopedia of Chess Openings – Dominate by move 10!

Want better results and a superstar rating? The best thing you can do for your chess right now is work on your openings.

Imagine having a dominant position by move 10-15 in every game. Imagine how much easier it would be to dictate play and destroy your opponent.

Now it’s time to make this a reality with the Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, a monster 350 hours of chess opening instruction!

This is the opening resource, featuring all 8 of my Deep Dive series and all 103 Empire Chess courses!

Ready to become a master of the opening?

Click here and get 70% off the Video Encyclopedia of Openings!

Knowing the opening better than your opponent increases your chance of winning by nearly 30%. Make sure the odds are on your side.

Here’s how the Video Encyclopedia of Openings will help you:

  • Build your repertoire. Pick out the openings you want to learn from the 111 courses in the Encyclopedia and start making this phase of the game one of your strengths. All of the opening courses cover the main ideas for both sides plus model games so you can see how they play out in practice.
  • Prepare for your enemies. So that smug rival managed to catch you out in their favorite opening? Make sure you have a nasty shock waiting for them next time… and every time after that! Moves like Li Chao’s 18…h5!! idea that looks like a blunder, but hands Black an unstoppable attack!
  • Incremental improvement. Any time you’re not sure what’s going on in an opening position, pick out the relevant course and invest the 5-10 minutes it takes to learn more about the position. This way, you’ll constantly be building up your knowledge and understanding.

You’re getting all 8 of my Deep Dive courses (including the London System, King’s Indian Defense and Accelerated Dragon), giving you the detail required to give you the edge in competitive play at even the very highest levels.

And all 103 Empire Chess courses, including Sam Shankland’s Stomp the Sicilian, GM Perelstheyn’s Crush the Caro-Kann, How GMs Beat the King’s Gambit plus a ton of fantastic courses on other openings, attacking play, strategy… you name it!

Click here and get 70% off the Video Encyclopedia of Openings!

Everything you need to get an early advantage in all your games.


P.S. This deal is only on until 23:59 EST Sunday. Dominate the opening for rest of your life with the 350 hour Openings Encyclopedia! Includes all 8 Deep Dives and all 103 Empire Chess courses! Click here to get your copy.

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