[NEW] The Polgar Collection – 55 hours of coaching from Judit and Susan!

Today marks a new beginning in your chess career.

Get ready to progress like a prodigy and dominate with your chess genius – using the same system that has made the Polgar sisters living legends!

While their achievements are too many to list, it’s enough to mention that Susan Polgar was the first woman ever to achieve the full GM title and became Women’s World Champion before leaving women-only events.

Judit Polgar broke Bobby Fischer’s record for the youngest ever GM (something that even Kasparov couldn’t do) and is still the only female chess player in history to break 2700, hitting 2735 and 8th in the world.

Now you can learn Judit and Susan’s training secrets, their advice for ambitious players and deep insights into the secrets of chess with The Polgar Collection – 55 hours of world-class coaching.

And, for a few days, you get a massive discount…

Click here to get The Polgar Collection!

So, what are you getting?

  • Winning Chess the Easy Way – Susan Polgar’s 25 hour program teaches the fundamentals of the game, making sure players reach the 1700 Elo level as quickly as possible by building good habits. Susan explains openings, endgames plus how to calculate and find the winning plan – all the skills required for success.
  • The Susan Polgar Method – Next you get Susan’s 15 hour Master Method, covering the next step of your journey towards 2000 Elo. In this 10 module course, Susan analyzes some of the most instructive games ever played, revealing advanced concepts of positional play. Plus, you get a complete repertoire with both colors and learn the most useful endgame strategies.
  • The Judit Polgar Method – Judit Polgar’s stunning 15 hour Master Method is a high-level training program based around her first love, the Sicilian Defense. While all the games are Sicilians, this is a course on chess, not opening theory. Judit brilliantly explains 56 games, revealing how to play multi-sac attacks like this one: Bb5!! Master weak color-complexes, killer pawn breaks and learn the secrets of deadly attacks from one of the most aggressive players of recent times!

Want to make giant strides in your chess with the training methods and chess secrets that propelled the Polgars to greatness?

Click here and get the Ultimate Polgar Collection!

The Master Methods come with the full pgn files, course summaries and practical tests plus an in-person interview with Judit (on video) and footage of her televised blitz match against GM Ron Henley!


P.S. That deal again: Both Judit and Susan Polgar’s Master Methods + Susan’s Winning Chess the Easy Way, a total of 55 hours of world-class coaching for just 79.95Click here to get The Polgar Collection.

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