7 Rules to Follow When Playing Middlegame

Studying middlegames and understanding the most important positional motifs is one of the keys to improvement for every club player.
While many young players put a great accent on the opening preparation nowadays, the difference between an experienced chess player and an aficionado is most of the times felt during the middlegame and endgame.
It is usually more difficult to get away with a positional mistake when facing stronger opposition and, in order to avoid this, we advise you to take into account a few things during your game.
7 rules to follow when playing middlegame
1. Pay attention to changes in the pawn structure
One important rule in the positional play is that plans are usually chosen in accordance to the pawn structure. However, the structure doesn’t normally stay the same throughout an entire game.
Exchanges happen and, with them, changes in the pawn structure. Always pay attention to this and be aware that plans should usually change accordingly as well.
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