1) Your free mini-course on Attack and Defense 2) If you want it you can get the Foxy Mega Bundle at 85% off

Attack and Defense are no doubt some of the most important skills for any chess player. The combination of these two skills primarily decides whether you are 1200 or 2200 rated.
Our goal is to help you grow as a player. We are giving away a very instructive course Attack, Defense, Space and Time Easily Explained by IM Andrew Martin that you can download and dive in right now:
attack and defense mini-course download
You are going to discover…
  • The 3 Grandmasters’ indicators showing when to attack and when to hold back?
  • What is number 1 rule to consider when it comes to “good timing” for an attack?
  • How to create a quick counter-play to keep your opponent off balance?
  • What’s GM “framework” and how it will help you to deepen your chess understanding?
Get your free course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]
P.S. This two-hour course is only 1/182th part of the Foxy Mega Bundle – the most comprehensive opening preparation package available!
And until Sunday, you can get the whole thing 85% off – that’s the best deal EVER on this package! Plus you get the bonuses too.
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